Ahoana no hanombohana orinasa mahomby amin'ny fanaovana savony any Ghana

Have you been dreaming about starting you own soap making business but aren’t sure where to start ?
Yes Soap making is a BIG business here in Ghana.
Savony dia a daily need commodity for everyone.
There is no place you tsy afaka find soap, be it in our homes, offices, hospitals etc.
Ny asa fanaovana savony dia a lucrative business to invest in, Be it laundry soap, or toilet soap.
All are huge are huge necessity. Your production can start from small to large scale.
We have local soap producer who have been into this business for long and they are doing greatly well financially through the business.
The key issues in this business has to do with one’s fahaizana to produce quality soaps as good as or even better than what we have in the market.
Indray mandeha ianao afaka to establish yourself as a quality soap maker, you are on your way to becoming a successful soap manufacturer and a respected soap brand owner.
So, the secret to success in soap making business is the quality.
After acquiring the soap making skills from an existing operation, you can also go ahead to buy some fototra fitaovana.
You can start in your house, do it in your kitchen, depending on where you go get a toerana.
What You Will Need For Soap Making
A local welder could help you to do a mould, get a levitra
cutting machine for your stamp through which your name
can be engrave on your soap.
You have started making
vola tsara.
pay attention to this article as we explore
some of the rudiments in soap making business.
Renivohitra: Afaka manomboka ny anao manokana ianao
soap making business from home.
Raha tsy azonao antoka about
how much money you will need upfront, discussing with
other entrepreneur will be necessary, it could be money
from your purse, friends or loan from the banky etc.
Fitaovana: These are some of the list of the equipment
needed in soap making — A Mould, Cutting Machine and a
Trimming Machine.
Ankoatry ny, a Metallic Stamp is required for labeling if you
wish to build your brand, a Safety Hand Glove, Stainless
Steel or Plastic Spoons, Paper Towel, Stick Blender,
Measuring Cup, Plastic Spoons, Iye, Oils, Organic
Ingredients, Scents, Colours and other chemicals.
i. Choose your recipe
ii. Assemble your ingredients
iii. Prepare your mould by lining inside with parchment paper
iv. Start the measuring
Make sure all ingredient is weighed this includes your
akora ranon-javatra
v. Measure out your Iye. Make sure you have your hand-
gloves and your eyes goggles on to protect you from injury.
vi. Pour the Iye into a rano na ranoka hafa.
While the Iye solution is cooling, weigh out the oil and
Before mixing, make sure your iye and oil are in the same
vii. Using a stick blender, mix the Iye and the oil together. While
mixing, keep on checking the temperature.
viii. Pour the mixture into the prepared mould smoothing the top
amin'ny a wooden spoon.
ix. Cover with the mould top.
Then leave for about 24 hatramin'ny ora 36
x. Unmold your soap – and you have the finished product
ready for the market. Isn’t that simple?
Where And How To Sell Your Soap
There are several sales channels for selling your soaps in
Ghana. If you are just starting, you can start with your
family and friends by giving them for free and soliciting
them to tell others with word of mouth.
Ask them different
olana about your products, making inquiries about ny
products help you make changes and them move to the
market proper.
These are some few questions you are expected to ask
them:- Find out if the soap lasts long enough ? If the
fragrance is nice ?
What they like about ny vokatra ary
what they don’t like? Answers to these questions will help
you improve the product before going into the market
Make the color very attractive and nice, have a tsara
marketing skills , sell it online another good place to sell
your product is hotels, schools and churches etc.
Naming Your Company
Your name should reflect your line of products, it should be
catchy you can also make it memorable, its your brand you
are going to live with in day in and day out, you are going
to say it day in and day out, on the telephone, and within
the neighborhood.
So make sure you really love whatever
name you are going to give your product.
The Following the steps above We believe it will help you in
achieving your dreams of becoming a successful soap

Jereo ihany koa  Mpanjifa: Dikany, fanamby ho an'ny mpanjifa ary zon'ny mpanjifa
Mba ampio izahay amin'ny fizarana:

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