Meaning Of Home Economics: Branches/Areas, Importance And Introduction Of Home Economics

Home Economics

Topic: Introduction Of Home Economics

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  • Definition Of Home Economics
  • Branches/Areas Of Home Economics
  • Importance Of Home Economics

Meaning Of Home Economics

Home Economics is a broad field of study. It teaches us how to manage ourselves, resources and household. It therefore deals with material and non-material things in the family E.g people, money, food, clothing, housing. It could be defined as a field of study that is concerned with improving family life.

Major Areas Of Home Economics

Home Economics is made up of many areas. These areas are grouped into seven major areas:

1. Foods And Nutrition
2. Home Management
3. Clothing And Textile
4. Consumer Education
5. Housing And Interior Decoration
6. Child Development And Care
7. Family Living.

1. Foods And Nutrition

It deals with the study of foods and nutrients. It includes food processing, preservation, food preparation, meal management and service. It prepares people for employment in foods and nutrition related jobs.

2. Home Management

It deals with the processes of using those things which the family has to obtain, and things needed by the family, Example of the things which family can have are money, time, energy, household equipment. These things are called resources. The things which the family needs include food, clothing, house etc.

3. Clothing And Textile

It deals with textiles, designing and sewing clothes. It also includes wise selection of clothes, personal hygiene and good grooming. It prepares people for clothing and textile related jobs.

4. Consumer Education

Consumer education teaches people how to make wise decision when selecting or buying goods and services.

5. Housing And Interior Decoration

It deals with provision of housing for the family. It also involves planning available space in a house, selection and arrangement of pieces of furniture and other decorative pieces in the house.

6. Child Development And Care

It deals with how children grow and develop. It also deals with how to care for children properly.

7. Family Living

It deals with people that live in the family. It teaches people how to maintain good relationship in the family.

Importance Of Home Economics

1. It teaches people how to live a good healthy and happy life in the family, community, nation and in the world.

2. It prepares boys and girls for home making and the jobs that requires Home Economics knowledge.

3. It teaches people how to care for themselves.

4. It teaches people how to care for their homes.

5. It teaches family members how to get along very well with one another in family and society.

6. It teaches people how to spend thier money wisely.

7. It teaches people how to plan, cook, serve and eat good food.

8. It teaches people how to plan, choose, make wears and maintain good clothing.

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