Meaning Of Clothing And Reasons Why We Wear Clothes (Uses Of Clothes)

Clothes are garments, dresses or articles worn on the body. Clothing is very important for health. It is therefore a basic human need. There are many reasons why we wear clothes.

There are also certain points that must be considered when choosing decent personal clothes.

Clothes are also very expensive. It is therefore necessary that we take good care of our clothes.

Meaning Of Clothing

Clothing is any article we place on the body to protect, beautify or adorn it. Clothing includes dresses, shoes, jewelry, hair-do, and make-up.

Reasons Why We Wear Clothes (Uses Of Clothes)

1. Protection: Clothes are worn to protect the body from different weather conditions e.g. Cold, rain, heat of the sun, wind, rough harmattan weather.

In this way clothes are helpful in;

(i). Maintaining the normal temperature of the body.

(ii) Protection from harmful things such as insects, plants, worms, etc.

2. Modesty: Clothes are worn to cover our nakedness. This help us to appear decent.

3. Appearance: Clothes are used to beautify the self and improve appearance.

4. Role Identity: Clothes show the roles which people perform or their duties in the society e.g. nurses, police, soldiers, etc.

5. Mood: Clothes help to show our mood or feelings. For instance some people wear black clothes for mourning.

6. Status Or Position: Clothes help to show the status or positions which people occupy in the society. Examples are the special clothes worn by traditional rulers e.g. The “Ezes” “Obis” “Obas” and “Emirs”, etc.

7. Culture: Clothes help to show the culture of a group of people. So people’s clothes help to show where they come from e.g. “Buba and Iro” which are commonly worn by the Yoruba women.