Meaning Of Capitalist Democracy: Explanation, Features And Characteristics

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Topic: Capitalist Democracy In Civic Education

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  • Definition Of Capitalist Democracy
  • Features Or Characteristics Of Capitalist Democracy
  • Competition For Power Among Political Parties

Meaning Of Capitalist Democracy

This is the type of democracy that is driven by capitalist ideology and ideals. Capitalist interplays with democracy and produces a vibrant economy.

Characteristics Of Capitalist Democracy In Civic Education

Here are the characteristics or features of capitalist democracy:

1. It is characterized of policy which stipulates a number of parliamentary parties. In most cases, it is a democracy with two party system, not multi-party systems.

2. It is a democracy that states a cabinet type and cabinet duration.

3. It manifests electoral disproportionate i.e it lacks suitable proportion in terms of electoral demands.

4. It experiences interest group pluralism i.e the existence of many difference interest groups of people in one democratic society.

5. It is practical in a federal (federalism) system of government.

6. Constitutional rigidity is not negotiable to practice capital interest.

7. There is existence of central bank independence.

Competition For Power Among Political Parties

Competition for power among political democracy in particular and democracy in general or leadership is a function of capitalist democracy and democracy in general such healthy competition bring good governance.

Good government or leadership is a function of a keenly competed political position.

The elementary essence of political party is to get the control of Government through winning of elections. But election is not won at a platter of Gold, it must be keenly competed.

In order to compete favourably and win power, political parties nominate candidates for various political offices through primary election, sponsor and campaign for candidates, present their programmes in form of manifestoes, mobilize people for population support and educate the people on political issues. The winning of election depends on the quality and degree of mobilization of people.

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