Meaning And Importance Of Induction In Organization

Table Of Contents

  • Meaning Of Induction
  • The Importance Of Induction To A New Staff And To The Organzation
  • The Points To Be Covered In Induction Programme In An Organization


Induction is a programme of introducing/orientating a new employee to the organization. It is the socializing process which a new employee undergoes as soon as possible in order to become an agent of the organization and help the organization toward achieving its goals.

It may be carried out by a member of the department in which a person is to work or by a training officer attached to the personnel Department.

The Importance Of Induction To A New Staff And To The Organization

1. Induction affords the new emloyee knowledge concerning the department and the people he will be working with such as the Head of Department and other members of staff.

2. It acquaints the new staff with the new surroundings generally by making him feel at home.

3. It enable the new staff to know what is expected of him. His job is outlined together with the part the job plays in the organization procedures and its effect on his personal contacts made clear. Likely queries that will arise are also discussed.

4. It enables the new staff to have accurate first hand information on the company include its background, products, organization, reputation, terms and conditions of employment, safety regulation.

5. It saves the company precious time that could have been wasted in answering questions on issues which would have been clarified during induction.

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6. It reduces cost of mistakes in handling machines of the company such as photocopying machines and computers without induction.

7. It generates personal commitment to the organization.

8. It generates enthusiasm for the job and promotes loyalty; it promotes good morale.

9. Induction enables new employee to be instructed on the job he is to perform.

In this way, he can rapidly learn to measure up to the standard of performance, thus, increasing his value to the organization.

Points To Be Covered In Induction Programme In An Organization

1. History of the company

2. The structure of the company

3. Policies, procedures, practices and rules that affect them

4. The committees available

5. The welfare services

6. Greviance procedures

7. Union activities

8. The tour of the organization

1. History Of The Company

In induction programme, the history of the company starting from when it was established, the current trend, its objectives, targets and future lans are covered.

2. The Structure Of The Company

The new entrant should be thoroughly briefed about how the company is structured by means of organization chart. This will enable him to know the flow of authority, chain of command and the interlocking relationship among the employees including how his position on job fits into the organization.

3. Policies, Procedures, Practices And Rules That Affect The New Employee

The new employees should be given the general information that he needs to know about the organization; like policies, objectives, procedures, practices and rules which affect him.

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These information should be communicated in a way as to make the new employee feel at home in the work environment as quickly as possible creating a favourable impression from the first day is vital.

4. The Committees Available

The new entrant should be acquainted with the number and kind of existing committees in the organization. For instance, Finance and Welfare Committee.

5. Welfare Services

Welfare services such as staff canteen, Car Loan and Housing Allowance should be made known to the new entrant to enable him utilize the facilities appropriately.

6. Grievance Procedures

The procedure for tabling grievances should be covered thoroughly to avoid deviations and likely disciplinary actions arising therefrom. For instance, the new employee should be made to understand that any problem he has, should be channelled through his immediate boss and not directly to the General Manager of the company.

7. Union Activities

Union activities both formal and informal for example, Polytechnic Senior Staff Association (POSSAN) or NASU i.e. Non Academic Staff Union, Should be made known to the new employee for smooth and appropriate identification and relationship with them.

8. The Tour Of The Organization

The new employee should be taken round the organization for familiarization and identification with the organization as a complete unit.

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