Meaning And Examples Of Antivirus

Meaning And Examples Of Antivirus

Meaning Of Computer Virus: Virus are said to be those programs that can cause us damage or break down the operational state of our computer.

Meaning of antivirus: Antivirus are those programs or software that are designed or programed to remove or stop Virus in a computer.


With that been said, you can now take a look at antivirus examples below.

  1. Norton Utility (Norton Disk Doctor) NDD
  2. SCAN 80
  3. FLU SHOT antivirus
  4. Central Point anti-virus (CPAV)
  5. Solomon anti-virus
  6. Checkpoint antivirus
  7. Dr Panda antivirus
  8. McAfee anti-virus scan
  9. Avast antivirus
  10. Penicillin
  11. Symantec
  12. Nod32
  13. Disk tool
  14. eScan
  15. Avira antivirus
  16. Kaspersky antivirus
  17. AVG antivirus
  18. Mac antivirus
  19. Cloud antivirus
  20. E-set antivirus
  21. Internet security
  22. Bit defender
  23. Android antivirus
  24. F-Secure antivirus
  25. App Remover antivirus
  26. Antivirus helix
  27. Sophos enterprise security
  28. Custodian antivirus


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