Management Of Public Funds In Nigeria

The Need To Maintain The Right Attitude To Public Funds And Property
These information will be discussed in two aspects:
1. Management Of Public Funds
2. Maintenance Of Public Property
Management Of Public Funds
Public servants are generally agents for collection and disbursement of public funds and therefore should maintain the following attitude to public fund:
1. Do not waste public funds. If one can be frugal in spending ones personal money he should adopt the same principle if it becomes his responsibility to authorize expenditure of public funds.
2. Collectors of government revenue should be conscientious in doing their duty. They should not make dishonest rebates to anyone. In this regard, the law should be followed and not consciously wrongly applied. Favouritism to friends or for some consideration in revenue collection should not be encouraged.
3. One should properly justify every expenditure made and always insist on the economy and not waste funds on ill advised programmes near the end of financial year. Expenditure because the money has been voted should be weighed against the need for the vote.
4. As a good citizen and a good public servant, discourage financial abuses by making suitable report through the correct channel.
5. One should disabuse ones mind of the slogan of sharing the National Cake. Public funds are intended to be judiciously used for public good and the social development of the people.
These are ideas which if adhered to will save this nation (The Head of Civil Service, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Abuja)
Maintenance Of Public Property
Investment in public buildings, equipment, furniture, records etc involves a great deal of capital outlay and therefore proper care of these property is a very important administrative task of public servants and good citizens of Nigeria.
Again, the health of the people who occupy them may be affected by the amount of care that is taken. Therefore, there should be routine activities which ensures the daily smooth running of the government agencies and parastatals like cleaning the buildings and grounds, distributing suppliers, and locking and unlocking offices and stores. There should also be schedules of work showing what is to be done. By whom, at what time of day and under whose supervision.
Maintenance should also include the regular repair of furniture, equipment and fixtures, and the interior and exterior painting of all buildings. Public buildings and compound should be made made to look as attractive as possible. Purchased goods must be well stored in a secured place, there should be adequate protection of records, the operation and maintenance of transport facilities should be under competent hands.
Finally, people should be made to be accountable to things and cash that belong to the public. These are the ways to sustain public property and to avoid infrastructural decay.

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