Maintenance Of Household Linen

Household linen is for daily uses and so, it is likely to be dirty and have stains from Foods, oil and blood.
Caring For Household linen is very necessary to help them maintain the original characteristics and last longer.
These are the steps for maintaining Household linen:
1. Remove stains as soon as they occur.
2. Household linen should be washed regularly to kill germ and remove dirt.
3. Repair any tear as soon as possible to avoid utter tears.
4. Bleach white linen to maintain the original colour.
5. Articles that are not in use must be stored in an airy place.
6. Check stored linen from time to time to protect them from insect and rodent..
7. Washed articles should be properly ironed.
8. Linen should be stored in drawers and shelves in a cupboard.

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