Lucrative Business In Nigeria That Are Always Profitable

There are lucrative businesses in Nigeria you can invest in, which will give you a financial gain.
Are you searching for those businesses that will give you profit this year? If Yes,then are on the right path.
According to researched made by TIPSINFLUENCER, We compose a lists of business ideas which are profitable and easy to operate(Easy but requires commitment),
There are business that moves fast in Nigeria,that’s why you must fix yourself to benefit from them.
The only business which can lift you high is nothing but agricultural related business. We don’t know why people always shy away from them, Do you know that 60% of the richest people in the world are agriculturalist. So we will also advice you to invest in agribusiness sectors.
Lists of Lucrative businesses in Nigeria

  • Palm oil business
  • Home gardening business
  • Vegetable Production
  • Cashew farming business
  • Millet production
  • Onion business
  • Cocoa business
  • Melon business
  • Soybean farming business
  • Yam farming business

(1) Palm Oil Business
This is one of the fastest growing business you should invest your money. Palm oil is a non-toxic vegetable oil for cooking and other purposes, It is an oil extracted from palm tree fruit.
This business is very profitable because it is very high in demand…
(2) Home Gardening Business
Gardening business is one of the untapped business in Nigeria, but this business is very lucrative, It doesn’t stress you much, Is all about watering, trimming, raking, digging, planting, hoeing etc
Starting a gardening business is a great business opportunity for Nigerians. You don’t need much capital to start a gardening business.
(3) Vegetable Production
Vegetable production involves the growing of vegetables for human consumption.
Venture into this business for profitability…
(4) Cashew Farming Business
Nigeria takes the 6th place in cashew nut production. The cost of starting up a cashew farming business varies.
Cashew nut production is very lucrative in Nigeria with high competition. Try it out today, you won’t regret it.
(5) Millet Production
Millets are any of a group of various types of grasses,which its grains are used as food.
Millet production business is very popular, and is one of the businesses which yield profit.
(6) Onion Business
Onion is a monocotyledonous plant of genus allium, allied to garlic which is used as vegetable and spice.
This business can fetch you money, Even money to build houses, Onion business is a super lucrative business in Nigeria.
Let’s take for example:
You bought a bag of onions for N10,000,, It can be sold for N13,000 to N15,000. That is how lucrative onion business can be.
(7) Cocoa Business
Cocoa is a dried and partially fermented fatty seeds of the cacao tree which chocolate is made.
Cocoa business remains one of the best business in Nigeria and Africa, It is also lucrative.
(8) Melon Business
Melon business is one of the agricultural business that fetches cash.
Melon popularly known as egusi is widely grown in West Africa.
There are different ways of running this melon business: You can buy in bags and resell as well; You can also buy the unpeeled ones, then you resell it. You can make up to N8,000 to N25,000 a day on this business.
(9) Soybean Farming Business
Soybean is a legume plant commonly cultivated for human and animal consumption just like melon business, Soybean serves as multipurpose crops: It can be used as feeds for livestock,It can be used for milk,flour etc
If you venture into this business, you will probably make it.
(10) Yam Farming Business
Yam business is also lucrative in Nigeria. Before starting it, You need to research all its basics and procedure…
i. Consider the capital investment i.e knowing fully well, the money involves on the business startup.
ii. Planning: you got to plan how to run the business whether part time or full time. It also refers to your plans on the resourced needed to run the business.
iii. Know your target market
iv. Hardworking(Consider the work which can be done to achieve success)
v. Consider the economic problems and draw out strategies to resolve them…

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