London Constitutional Conference Of 1953

The London Conference lasted from July 30 to August 22, 1953. Major decisions taken during the 1953 London Constitutional Conference include the following:

1. Any Region that desired self government should have it by 1956. The motion of self-government was moved in 1953 by Chief Anthony Enahoro, a member of the Action Group and a Minister in the central government. The motion was opposed by the Northern members of parliament especially the Late Sardauna.

The opposition to the motion of self-government by Northern members of the parliament made them to be booed, shamed and abused by the Lagos crowd.

In a quick reaction to the treatment given to Northern representatives in the central legislature at Lagos, the Northern House of Assembly and chiefs in a joint session approved an 8 point programme which aimed at the succession of the North from the reset of the country.

2. Both N.C.N.C and the Action group accepts federalism but the functions of the central government to be specified while residual power where given to the regions.

3. A list of specific functions to be assigned to the centre was drawn up. This included among others, Defence, External Relations, Foreign Trade, Central Court of Justice etc.

5. The Cameroon’s delegation asked for a separate region of its own.

The Colonial secretary agreed that if the people of the territory so expressed their desire at the polls the territory would be given a separate regional administration subject to ratification of the proposed Lagos conference.

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5. A concurrent list of subject in which both the central and regional governments would be competent subject to the provisions that in case of conflict central legislation would prevail.

6. These concurrent subjects included higer education, industrial development, power, insurance, etc.

7. It was also agreed that the Regional Governors should be known as Governors while the Governor of Nigeria should be known as Governor General.

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