Limitation Of Farm Mechanization

What Are The Limitation Of Farm Mechanization

Limitation Of Farm Mechanization Are:

1. Economic Limitation:

a. Machines are readily available in the country.

b. Most farmers are poor and can not afford them.

c. Cost of hiring machines is too high.

d. Cost of maintenance is high.

e. Operation of machines demand and high nay/wages which farmers cannot afford.

2. Technical Limitation:

a. There is lack of technical know-how of machines.

b. Experts on these machines are not readily available.

c. Mode of operations of most Machines are unknown.

d. Most of the machines are not adapted to our environment/needs.

e. Very few schools exist for the training of machine operators.

3. Lack Of Maintenance:

a. Most machines are imported, and may be hard to maintain due to spare parts might also not be available in the country and many more.

b. Replacement of spare parts are not available.

c. Inadequate trained personnel to repair Farm Machines.

d. Facilities for repair Maintenance are lacking.

e. The very few trained personnel’s are not always available when Machines break down.

4. Small Farms Holding:

a. Land tenure systems encourage fragmentation of land which Can not be mechanised.

b. Fragmentation of land discourages Mechanization.

c. Agriculture is practised by peasant farmers.

d. Peasant farmers have small area of Farm land.

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