Youth Empowerment: Bedeitung, verschidde Fäegkeeten a Wichtegkeet vun Youth Empowerment


Thema: Youth Empowerment: Meaning And Importance Of Youth Empowerment

  • Meaning Of Youth Empowerment
  • Empowerment Strategies Of Youth Empowerment
  • Different Youth Empowerment Skills
  • Importance Or Benefits Of Skills

Definition Of Youth Empowerment
This is an attitudinal, structural and cultural process where youths gain the authority, Fähegkeet to implement change in their lives and the lives of others. Youth empowerment is often addressed as a gateway to expand international equity, civil engagement and democracy building, many local state, regional, national and international government agencies and non-profit community baséiert organizations provide programmes centered on youth empowerment. The activities involved may focus on fourth red media, youth rights, youth councils, youth activism, youth involvement in a community decision making.
Empowerment Strategies
The empowerment strategies may come through the following:
1. Through Education.
2. Through Communication.
3. Through Networking.
Different Youth Empowerment Skills
1. Photography and video production.
2. Hair dressing and cosmetology.
3. Fashion designing and sewing.
4. Welding and fabrication.
5. Air conditioning refrigeration.
6. Wood work and furniture making.
7. Horticulture and land scaping.
8. Bead making.
9. Hat making.
10. Catering services and restaurant services.
With little capital, one can start up any of the above empowerment skills, what is required is knowledge of any of them. Sometimes government or the organization that sponsored the empowerment scheme could give a loan to enable the person start up his business.
Importance or Benefits Of Skills
1. It makes one self reliant.
2. It reduces crime.
3. It increases and improve ones standard of living.
4. It guarantee attitude reorientation.
5. It can improve agricultural huel vum Land.

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