Wat ass Selbstlosegkeet? Qualitéiten a Bedierfnes fir Selbstlosegkeet an der Gesellschaft

Wat ass Selbstlosegkeet?

1. What Is Selflessness
2. Qualities Of Selflessness
3. Need For Selflessness In Our Society
What Is Selflessness
Dëst ass a social situation in which one thinks more iwwer the needs, welfare, happiness, joy, reward etc of other people than iwwer oneself. It can also be defined as a quality of someone who is more focused on the affairs of others rather than his or her own. Selflessness therefore is an act or culture of doing things that are beneficial to others. It is great social value which every society advocates neither self-centered, nor self-seeking, whereas, a selfish person is self-centered and self-seeking and full of himself. Everything he thinks and does is solely for his good and benefit and not for others.
Qualities Of Selflessness
i. It does not seek for self-indulgence or self-satisfaction, but of what will benefit all and sundry.
ii. There is high degree of love for society and all that dwell in it.
iii. Selflessness helps to remove greed selfishness, bitterness and rancor in the minds of the people and society at large.
iv. Selflessness surps the spirit of patriotism which is necessary for the sustainable growth and development of humans and material resource in any given society.
v. Selflessness involves use of time. It is believe that time is precious and a most valuable resource. Selfless persons spend their precious and valuable time and energy attending to the needs and welfare of others in the society.
Needs For Selflessness In Our Society
Selflessness as an aspect in the of content Basis Civic Education would help in the total transformation of the Nigerian society to a better one. The following are the needs selflessness in our society:
a. selflessness on the part of our people will bring iwwer self-awareness and actualization of the people and society at large. This will in turn provoke civic responsibilities and activities and capable of removing Nigeria from the list of corrupt nations in the world.
b. Selflessness will give insight on civic value, such as truthfulness liberty, justice, peace respect for rights and obligation, law and order for the overall sanity and development of society.
c. Selflessness will help to rediscover the facts of these aspects of life.
i. Respect for human dignity.
ii. Honesty, loyalty and pride.
iii. Social solidarity and communal interest.
iv. The maintenance of public order and peace.
v. Rejection of corrupt practices and other forms of change resisting attitude, social justice, prejudice and economic drawbacks such as exploitation and avarice.
vi. Our people will be saved from greedy politicians and political God fatherism.
vii. The problem of individualism will give way for people oriented activities in production, distribution, exchange and consumption of goods and services.
Selflessness will affect all and sundry and make them to contribute according to interests and abilities, thereby making the labour force to be adequately engaged. Economic individualism breeds avaricious (greedy) individuals and agencies. Greedy people stop at nothing to create artificial scarcity of goods in order to exploit the situation to their personal advantage.

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