Politesch Apathie: Bedeitung, Geforen an Ursaache vu politescher Apathie

Politesch Apathie


  • Sinn vun der politescher Apathie
  • Factors That Causes Political Apathy
  • Why Leaders Fail To Protect Their Followers
  • Effects Of Leaders Failure To Protect Their Followers
  • Dangers Of Political Apathy
  • The Ways Good Leaders Can Protect The Interest Of Their Followers
  • The Effects Of Good Leadership

Political Apathy In Civic Education
This is the indifference on the part of the citizen of any country as regards to their attitudes towards political activities. For instance, elections, public opinions, civic responsibilities etc. A broader way of examining a political apathy in a country is to consider its political culture. Political culture is the behavioural disposition of people towards the government of their country with regard to every other political apathy. The belief of people is that polities is a dirty game as such, whatever that is done in politics is not their business.
Factors That Causes Political Apathy
There are several factors that causes political apathy. They include:
1. Lazy: This is unwillingness to be part of political process. Citizens feel lazy to register or join the quelle etc.
2. Fear Of Making Decision: Some citizens are afraid of the outcome of their decisions. This is a result of lack of trust on a Kandidat, zum Beispill, a Kandidat is liable to change if he wins the election.
3. Nostalgie: Citizens feel their vote would not make any difference.
4. Inadequate Education: One who is not adequately educated may not see objectively why he has to participate in political process.
5. Propaganda Device: Some people are good at carrying negative propaganda iwwer a Kandidat.
6. Religious Belief Some religious denominations, believes politics is a dirty game and restrain their members from participating in political activities.
Reasons Why Leaders Fail To Protect Their Followers
Leaders fail to protect the interest of their followers for many reasons. The reasons are hinged on bad leadership. Bad leadership are manifested in the following reasons:
1. Egoismus
2. Gier
3. Indisziplin
4. Myopism
5. Lack Of Political/leadership Will.
Effects Of Leaders Failure To Protect Their Followers
1. Political Apathy: Amount every other cause, inability of the leaders to protect the interest of their followers causes political apathy.
2. Loss Of Confidence: Loss of confidence is an after math of the leaders failure to protect followers interest.
3. Poor Standard Of Living: If leaders fail, the people’s standard of living is affected.
4. Basis For Crises/Revolution: When people/followers interest are protested, there will be peace, order, unity and conducive environment for every other business to thrive.
The Ways Good Leaders Can Protect The Interest Of Their Followers
1. Effective, functional and responsible leadership.
2. Provision of Basis equipéiert.
3. Provision of skill acquisition programmes.
4. Provision of scholarship and continuing education scheme.
Effects Of Good Leadership
1. Good leadership promotes group solidarity and identity.
2. It promotes harmonious communication and high group morale.
3. It makes for social order, peace and crime prevention.
4. It promotes high degree of political tolerance.
5. It makes followers have good sense of belongings.
6. It promotes mutual understanding and fairness among various ethnic group.
7. It encourages politics of consensus and accommodation between leaders and the led.
8. It makes for mutual justice equity and fairness in the resource control and distribution of revenue allocation.
9. It widens the level of participation among the citizens by providing better education and empowerment.
10. It removes inter ethnic clashes and religious crisis.
Dangers Of Political Apathy
1. Schlecht Regierung.
2. Greediness
3. Thuggery
4. Lack of political participation.

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