Banana Island zu Lagos Nigeria (All About Déi Schéinst Plaz An Nigeria)

Banana Island is an artificial island located in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is situated on The Lagos Lagoon and attached to the Ikoyi North-Eastern.

Island through a dedicated road strip that is connected to the road that is already in use Netz.

If you’ve never heard of the Island, you are now aware. Banana Island is Nigeria’s most lavish and expensive neighborhood – comparable to the

Seventh Arrondissement zu Paräis, La Jolla in San Diego, California and Tokyo senger Shibuya, as well as the Roppongi neighborhood in Tokyo.

The only playground for Nigeria’s insanely rich Banana

Island is an artificial island constructed on reclaimed land in the Ikoyi Lagos region.

From an aerial perspective, the Island appears as a banana, which is why it’s genannt Its name.

The Island is 1.6 million square meters, and the lavish Island is separated into 535 plots ranging in size from 1,000 square meters to 3,000 square meters.

Banana Island is a place with unrivaled luxury and opulence. It’s a completely different in comparison to other areas of the nation. It’s an exclusive gated.

The community and its inhabitants have such amenities as underground water distribution networks, 24 hours-electricity supply (the only other instance where this privilege (the only other place) is the Nigerian President’s Residence) very secure excellent road layout, central sewage treatment plant and system, and the well-loved group of friends.

Kuck och  Wéi ufänken Poulet Bauerenhaff an Nigeria

This is the priciest destination in Nigeria and also one of the most dollar-denominated. Buying three bedrooms in a house is around $2 million. But, if you’re seeking to be a part of it for a while, the price cost’ of $17,000 per year.

It is an expensive cost in Africa to buy a home. Property on Banana Island is between $6 and $5 million. The lowest construction on the Island is priced between $6 million and $5 million.

For some time and not to purchase the property, you may lease the same up to upwards. Because of the absurd costs of real estate.

A house for one million dollars per annum. However, there’s a condition that says you must bezuelen a minimum of 2 years in advance. There are no refunds. Ever! Additionally, the tenant is also required to pay for a service.’

A typical piece on an island normally costs between $4 and $5.

On the Island, around sixty percent of finished constructions are still in the process of being completed.


Popular People Living At Banana Island Lagos


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