Virdeeler an Nodeeler vun One Party System

What Is One Party System?
One party system exists when the law recognizes the existence of one political party. In such a system all other political parties are banned. Existence of opposition is illegal, e.g. CPP under Nkrumah in Ghana.
Features Of One Party System
One party system has the following features:
1. Existence of one single political party.
2. Absenz vun der Oppositiounspartei.
3. Only one political party presents candidates for election.
4. The mass media is highly centralized.
5. All citizens are members of the only recognized political party.
Advantages Of Political Party
1. It prevents waste of financial resources especially as no other parties fight elections with it.
2. As there is no opposition party, the stability of the country is enhanced.
3. It gives room for quick decisions on vital issues since there is no opposition.
4. It makes use of all the available talents to the fullest in the process of building a Natioun.
5. It fosters unity especially if the single party embraces all the major groups in the country.
Disadvantages Of One Party System
1. It allows for limited choice as only the candidates presented by the one party can be voted for.
2. The denial of opposition party to serve as a watch-dog of the people is not in the interest of the people.
3. A one party system can lead to a rule of the incompetent and corrupt men.
4. The party and its leadership may soon become despotic and can only be removed by violence.

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