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Beschleunegt Pfleeg Programmer

Most of the accelerated nursing programs (BSN quick track) are designed by nurses, which means they know what’s required to provide you with the highest quality training. Accredited or accredited nursing education programs recognize the speedy BSN programs. As an aspiring nurse enrolled in an accelerated program, consider the size of your class, duration, price, and clinical requirements when selecting the right school.

College learners offer information iwwer 2.5 GPA Accelerated Nurse programs, along with information on BSN schools that will accept 2-5 P.A., BSN nursing schools that accept 2 GPA and accelerated nursing programs that have 7 GPA, and accelerated nursing programs that have low GPA Direct admission MSN programs that have a GPA of 2. There are also relevant articles on related topics such as BSN programs with low GPA requirements, a list of Accelerated Nursing Programs with Low GPA Programs, and Nursing Schools that do not have a GPA Requirement for College learners.

In today’s world, it’s difficult to locate the perfect school for your child. The number of choices is open to you, and it’s difficult to figure out what to start with. Most of the time, it boils down to money, and in the case of school, this is a major problem.

The first thing to do is look for a nursing degree that can get you in the field as soon as possible. Additionally, you don’t want to pay for a degree that will not help you get anywhere. Thirdly, you need an education program that recognizes your achievements and gives credit for your work.

What is it that makes the 2.5 GPA accelerated nursing program different?

This only program offers all these benefits without compromising the quality or cost. Hold a Bachelor’s or associate degree from an accredited institution, and you’re interested in our program. We’ll assist you in getting maximum value from your time at university. Our accelerated program will help you learn the knowledge and skills needed to be a registered nurse within just 12 weeks without sacrificing quality or quality of education during the course.


List of Low GPA Accelerated Nursing Programs

Below is the list of nursing colleges that offer accelerated programs. They can admit students with a grade point average lower than 3.0. The information was current in September 2009. However, minimum GPA requirements could alter over time.

Low GPA Nursing School Information

Be aware that some schools berechnen GPAs by calculating the most recent 60 units. You can erase a poor undergraduate GPA in two years of outstanding akademesch Leeschtung.

Nursing Schools With No GPA Requirement

Some nursing schools listed on this list don’t have a minimum GPA. Students with extremely low GPAs might want to look into these institutions to prevent the automatic rejection of applying to schools that require minimum GPAs that do not meet the requirements.

Many schools do not consider graduate-level work when it comes to the calculation of GPA. It is an acknowledged it is the case that students suffer a large amount of inflation in grades due to the higher requirement of 3.0 required to be a graduéiert.

If you’re concerned iwwer your grade, you shouldn’t.

Entspriechend zu a study conducted by the National Student Nursing Association, students enrolled in advanced nursing programs are more successful than classmates who are in an online RN-BSN degree.

Students who attend accelerated courses score around 5 percent higher in their test scores and have a 3% more overall GPA than those who choose the traditional four-year route.

This is great news for students looking to enter the nursing profession quickly and efficiently since they’ll often be zouverléisseg kréien a Aarbecht mat a higher level of experience than those who are less experienced.

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If this isn’t enough, accelerated programs can cost less and sometimes even 50% cheaper than traditional programs!

List of Low GPA Accelerated Nursing Schools


  • Auburn (2.50)
  • Samford University (2.70 for second-degree program, 3.00 for accelerated second-degree program)


  • Northern Arizona University (2.75)
  • University of Arizona (3.00 in prerequisite courses only)


  • Arkansas State University (2.50)


  • National University (2.75 cumulative or 3.00 in the 60 units of the semester)
  • Samuel Merritt College (3.00 in the 60-semester units that have passed)


  • Denver School of Nursing (2.00 in prerequisite courses)
  • Metropolitan State College of Denver (2.50)
  • Regis University (2.50)
  • The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (2.50)
  • University of Northern Colorado (3.00 in the last 45 minutes)


  • Fairfield University (2.80)
  • Southern Connecticut State University (2.75 cumulative, or 3.00 in the 60 units of semesters that have passed)

Distrikt vu Columbia

  • Howard University (2.80)


  • Barry University (3.00 in the last 60 semester units)
  • Jacksonville University (2.50)
  • University of Florida (3.00 in the 60 units of last semester)


  • Georgia Southwestern State University (3.00 recommended)
  • Kennesaw State University (2.70)
  • Valdosta State University (2.80 in 60 core units)


  • The University of Hawaii at Manoa (2.50)


  • Idaho State University – (3.00 from set A Ufuerderungen)


  • Illinois State University (No minimum GPA is required)
  • Lakeview College of Nursing (2.50)
  • Lewis University (2.75)
  • West Suburban College of Nursing (2.75)


  • Indiana University – Purdue University, Indianapolis (2.70)
  • Indiana Wesleyan University (2.75)
  • Marian College (2.80)
  • Saint Marry’s College (2.75 in science courses that are prerequisites to the college)


  • MidAmerica Nazarene University (2.50 cumulative or 2.60 in the prerequisite courses)


  • Bellarmine University (2.75)
  • Eastern Kentucky University (2.00 for science prerequisites)
  • Spalding University (2.50)
  • University of Kentucky (2.50 cumulative or 2.75 sciences courses)
  • The University of Louisville (no minimum GPA stipulated)


  • Salisbury University (2.75 for provisional)


  • Curry College (3.00 in science required courses)
  • Mass College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Science (a minimum of C in all requirements)
  • MGH Institute of Health Professions (a minimum of C in all required prerequisites)
  • The University of Massachusetts at Amherst (3.00 in prerequisite courses)
  • The University of Massachusetts at Boston (no minimum GPA stipulated)


  • Eastern Michigan University (3.00 in prerequisites with no other GPA to be taken into consideration)
  • Grand Valley State University (2.80)
  • Michigan State University (2.50)
  • University of Michigan (2.75 preferred by the school)
  • Wayne State University (no minimum GPA required)


  • College of Saint Catherine (2.75)
  • Minnesota State University Mankato (2.50)


  • Research College of Nursing (2.80)
  • The University of Missouri at Columbia (2.50)
  • William Jewell College (2.50)


  • Nebraska Methodist College (2.75)
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center (2.50)


  • Nevada State College (2.50)
  • Touro University (2.50 in the last 60 units)

New Jersey

  • University of Medicine and Dentistry (no GPA minimum required)

New York

  • Hartwick College (2.70)
  • New York University (No minimum GPA required)
  • Stony Brook University (2.80)
  • The University of Rochester (recommend 3.00)

North Carolina

  • Winston-Salem State University (2.60)


  • Capital University (no minimum GPA stipulated)
  • Cleveland State University (2.50)
  • Kent State University (2.50 from the most recent degrees)
  • MedCentral College of Nursing (3.00 from the degree)
  • Ursuline College (2.50 from first degree)


  • University of Oklahoma (2.50)


  • Linfield College (2.75 in prerequisite courses)

Beschleunegt Pfleeg Programmer


  • DeSales University (2.50)
  • Drexel University (3.00 in the last 60 units)
  • Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (2.75)
  • Misericordia University (2.75)
  • Robert Morris University (2.50)
  • University of Pennsylvania (3.00 preferred GPA)
  • Villanova University (cumulative GPA less than 3.00 acceptable if GPA in science is higher than 3.00)
  • West Chester University (no minimum GPA specified)

South Dakota

  • South Dakota State University (2.80)


  • Belmont University – (3.00 in the core science and math courses)
  • Cumberland University (2.80)
  • East Tennessee State University (2.60)
  • Union University (2.80)


  • Texas Christian University (either a 3.00 GPA in degree or a 3.00 in prerequisites)
  • Texas Tech University HSC (3.00 in prerequisite courses and a different 3.00 in science prerequisite course)
  • Texas Women’s University (3.00 in essential prerequisites. Utilize your most current grade in case this course will be repeated)
  • The University of Texas at HSC Houston (considers the prerequisite and science courses as only GPA)
  • The University of Texas at HSC San Antonio (2.50)
  • The University of Texas at Arlington (2.50 in prerequisites and science courses)
  • University of Texas at El Paso (2.50)



  • University of Utah (2.80)


  • George Mason University (2.75 cumulative or 3.00 throughout the 30 last credits)
  • Marymount University (No minimum GPA required, however, the TEAS is required if the GPA is less than 2.80)
  • Norfolk State University (2.50 in the prerequisite courses)
  • Old Dominion University (No minimum GPA is required)
  • Norfolk State University (2.50 in required courses)
  • Virginia Commonwealth University (2.50)

West Virginia

  • Mountain State University (2.50)


  • The University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh (2.75)


  • University of Wyoming (2.50)



If you’re interested in pursuing an M.S. in nursing but did not achieve a high GPA in your undergraduate studies, Don’t fret! There are numerous nursing schools with low GPA nursing schools in search of applicants like you.

List of 10 Low GPA Nursing Schools

A master’s degree in nursing may prepare registered nurses for advanced patient ëm or leadership positions in patient healthcare, administration, or education. Check out the list of schools that partner with us below for hybrid, online, or on-campus MSN choices that will accept applicants with a low GPA in their undergraduate studies and may be low GPA nurse institutions. Sponsored Listings1

Universitéit vu Südkalifornien

MSN GPA Requirement: No minimum GPA

The University of Southern California is an akademesch institution in Los Angeles with a Health Sciences campus known for its specific ëm and research in stem cells, cancer, Regenerative Medicine, Orthotics, and sports-related medicine.

About the MSN at the University of Southern California

This online Masters in Nursing program at USC nursing program provides students with a broad understanding of nursing, including research, policy, and social work theories, to assist students in building solid foundations in the social aspects of health. Program Details:

  • Only online
  • The completion is expected to be between 21 and 33 months.
  • Two on-campus intensive faculty skills assessments
  • R.N. and BSN needed
  • One year of experience in the field is required
  • The initial accreditation process is being pursued through the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education ( CCNE)
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Nursing Programs at USC

Available Nursing Concentrations

  • Familljepraktiker (FNP)


Saint Xavier Universitéit

MSN GPA Requirement:2.75 or 3.0 GPA (Varies by Program)

The Saint Xavier University of Chicago is among the best institutions in the Midwest and is one of Illinois’s five biggest nurse schools. It has been named a Center of Excellence in Nurse Education by the National League for Nursing.

About the MSN at Saint Xavier University

The Master of Science in Nursing programs offered by Saint Xavier University aims to educate students on improving patient ëm using modern research-baséiert practices, the latest technologies, and effective communication techniques. By acquiring the management, business, and clinical knowledge taught by the MSN programs offered by SXU, students are equipped to take on leadership roles within their unit or department. For students looking to enter nursing school with a poor GPA, this program is just an average of 2.75, and other programs will consider having a low GPA. Program Details:

  • online
  • R.N. and BSN are necessary
  • A minimum of one year’s full-time employment experience is required.
  • Accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)

Nursing Programs at Saint Xavier

Available Nursing Concentrations


Grand Canyon University

MSN GPA Requirement:

Grand Canyon University bitt iwwer 200 akademesch programs spread across nine colleges and various educational platforms online. GCU is the top private Christian university that has earned accreditation for regional campuses from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and its predecessor, which was established in 1968. GCU is expected to increase enrollment to 25,000 students in iwwer five years. They have invested around $1 billion in the campus and akademesch Infrastruktur.

About the MSN at Grand Canyon University

The MSN program at Grand Canyon University prepares one to adapt to change in nursing, direct ëm, and healthcare administration. Program Details:

  • baséiert on stack-rank, the criteria for admission to nursing and the available clinical spaces.
  • HESI A2 test ass a Viraussetzung
  • Online bridge and fast track program for students who have a Nursing degree.

Nursing Programs at GCU:


Cumberland University

MSN GPA Requirements:2.5 Minimum

Cumberland University is a private independent liberal arts institution located 30 miles from Nashville, Tennessee, offering seven graduate degree options.

About the MSN at Cumberland University

The master’s degree in nursing online program offered by Cumberland University teaches communication, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities to nurses who are aspiring to managerial positions or want to develop their careers and mentor other nurses. Students applying to nursing graduate programs with low GPAs are accepted at Cumberland because the minimum required is 2.5 or higher, with a lesser GPA acceptable in some instances. For instance, those with less than a 2.5 GPA can be required to complete two years of graduate study with a grade of B or higher to be eligible for final admission.

  • online
  • R.N. and BSN are necessary
  • GRE Partituren noutwendeg
  • Two start dates per year
  • The completion date is 18 months.
  • Recognized with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and seeking initial accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)

Nursing Programs at Cumberland:

  • Infirmière Educateur
  • Nurse Executive Leadership and Administration


Benediktiner Universitéit

MSN GPA Requirement: 2.5

Benedictine University is an inclusive akademesch community seeking to be a leader for Catholic educational institutions.

About the MSN at Benedictine University

The MSN degree program offered by Benedictine University is designed to prepare nurses to meet the demands of today’s complicated healthcare system and aid them in their Carrière advancement. Program Details:

  • Current, unencumbered Illinois R.N. license
  • 83 semester credit hours designated for the semester recorded by official transcripts from colleges
  • Successful completion of all required courses
  • Basis proficiency in word processing, using the internet, and email

Nursing Programs at Benedictine:


Liberty University

MSN GPA Requirement: 3.0

A Weltklass Ausbildung baséiert on a solid Christian huel, Liberty University teaches the principles, knowledge, and abilities you’ll require to succeed in all areas of your life. Additionally, Liberty has been a pioneer in distance learning since 1985 and provides exceptional services to students who study online.

About the MSN at Liberty University

The acceleration of the MSN degree offered by Liberty is specifically designed for R.N.s who wish to get their Carrière moving. 100 100% online, this program will allow students to transfer up to 75 hours of college credits. Program Details:

  • Blended format (online courses, but with some campus seminars)
  • R.N. and Jonggesell’s degree are required
  • Two years of nursing experience is required
  • Accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)

Nursing Programs at Liberty University:


Sacred Heart University

MSN GPA Requirement: 3.2

Sacred Heart University is rooted in the Liberal Arts and Catholic tradition of intellectuals. They aim to teach all people while helping students become leaders in service to others. They appreciate the dignity of everyone and encourage the good of all people. SHU is open to students of all religions and cultures. Sacred Heart University Online is the online branch of the independent Catholic school, Sacred Heart University. Established in 1963, SHU ranks as the second largest Catholic institution in New England and offers over 70 akademesch programs, including undergraduate graduate, doctoral, certificates, and other programs. The mission of Sacred Heart University is to provide educational opportunities for students of potential, talent, and promise, whether on campus, in Fairfield, Connecticut, or online.

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About the MSN at Sacred Heart University

Sacred Heart University’s Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) gives you the expertise in leadership to excel in an administrative, clinical, and educational setting as a nurse educator, leader, or manager. Program Details:

  • Blended formats (Online courses that have on-campus practicum)
  • There is no BSN or GRE needed.
  • GPA can be different
  • The duration of the clinical practicum can differ

Beschleunegt Pfleeg Programmer

Nursing Programs at Sacred Heart University:


Walden University

MSN GPA Requirement: No minimum GPA

Walden University is an online learning community that includes students from fifty U.S. states and over 150 other countries, alumni, faculty, national experts, residents, and scholars. They aim to produce graduates who are dedicated to making a positive impact on society.

About the MSN at Walden University

d' master’s degree in nursing online program offered by Walden University aims to prepare students for the field of patient ëm advanced practice nursing, as well as different leadership positions in the health system. Walden’s programs provide entry points for registered nurses who hold a BSN or an undergraduate degree in the field of non-nursing, as well as those with only a high school diploma, each with a minimum GPA required. Program Details:

  • online
  • R.N. needed
  • Two years of professional experience is required for specializations as a Infirmière Praktiker
  • Accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)

Nursing Programs at Walden University:


Der Universitéit Simmons

How to get into Nursing School with a Low GPA – Requirements for MSN GPA: No Minimum GPA

In the middle of Boston, Simmons is a four-year non-profit private school. The college that is its undergraduate one is a women’s college. However, Simmons University offers programs across disciplines ranging from nursing to business to social work for females and males. Information iwwer the MSN of Simmons College, Simmons College’s Online Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is open to ARPNs with a board certification who have completed their MSN. Program Details:

  • online
  • Online classes face-to-face with professors and classmates
  • Training is available 24 hours a day via the mobile app
  • An MSN diploma from a postsecondary school
  • Current license for R.N.s
  • Certification of the board for the U.S. in an advanced specialty of practice in good standing
  • Two years of experience as an R.N.

Nursing Programs at Simmons University:


Utica College

MSN GPA Requirement: 3.0

Utica College provides fully accredited online degrees in Nursing and Health Care, Cybersecurity, Business Management, Fraud, and Economic Crime. Each course is taught by a select group of faculty members with vast knowledge in their fields of expertise.

About the MSN at Utica College

Utica College’s master’s program in nursing (MSN) provides the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) particularization. As an FNP, you’ll be competent to provide better ëm to patients. In this position, you’ll assess and diagnose patients, create community-baséiert programs, and conduct research that transforms healthcare. The FNP specialization requires a two-day immersive experience and practice hours of 720 hours. These hours can be used towards the required 1,000 hours to earn the DNP degree. Program Details:

  • An associate’s or Bachelor’s level nursing degree obtained from an accredited nursing school
  • Unencumbered R.N. license in the state where you live
  • Experience of 2,000 hours

Nursing Programs at Utica College:

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How do I get to nursing School with a low GPA?

A GPA less than 3.0 in the undergraduate program isn’t ideal, but it shouldn’t be a deciding factor for those seeking to enter nursing school.

Furthermore, even though the traditional nursing schools require R.N. licensure along with the BSN degree, some schools offer advanced MSN programs to registered nurses mat a non-nursing Baccalaureat Grad bzw a High school certificate. The nursing graduate programs are generally targeted at professionals who have practical experience.

Here are some strategies to show yourself as an attractive Kandidat for nursing schools during the application process even though you have a lower GPA. Featured School(s)

Southern New Hampshire University Online Masters Programs

  • One of the most affordable tuition costs at a private, non-profit NEASC accredited university
  • Students who meet the criteria of 2.5 GPA and up may get as much as $20K worth of grants or scholarships
  • Different start dates for the term are available during the akademesch year. 24/7 online classroom access


Do high scores on the GRE aid me in obtaining an MSN program with a low GPA?

If you’re looking for graduate nursing schools, some institutions will accept applicants with a low GPA if the applicant provides an optional GRE score. If you can achieve a high score on the GRE, you’ll be showing admissions that you have what it takes to study and perform well academically–regardless of the grades you achieved in undergraduate work.

Explain Your Low GPA

Some nursing schools require an inadequate GPA justification letter from those with lower than ideal scores in their Jonggesell’s courses. While this isn’t necessary to be accepted, you could consider addressing this issue as part of your essay.

If your college grades were poor due to other obligations such as full-time employment or caretaking for your family, mention this in your letter. If you don’t have a reason to justify your performance issues, it is possible to explain how you’ve changed after college and why you’ll do better when you graduate.

Do letters of recommendation help me gain admission to the MSN program with low GPAs?

The majority of MSN programs will require three recommendation letters. It is possible to improve your chances of acceptance by submitting impressive recommendations from your professional or akademesch Hannergrond.

The people in positions such as the clinical supervisor or adviser to undergraduate students and advanced practice nurse mentors know what makes you a committed and skilled nursing student who can thrive in graduate school.

Do sinn a few graduate schools that do not need letters of recommendation.

Does my experience in clinical settings assist me in applying to the MSN program with having a low GPA?

MSN programs are designed for those who currently have R.N. licenses, with different experiences in clinical practice by the particular program. Suppose you can prove through your application, personal statement, and/or interview that you have an established record of professional duties in the nursing field. In that case, it can enhance a student’s appeal for a Grad.

Make higher marks in my nursing courses aid me in obtaining my MSN program with an unsatisfactory GPA?

Certain graduate programs offer the option of lowering the GPA requirement for courses that aren’t nursing. If they don’t, pointing out your poor grades were mostly in classes that were not related to the field you are in could help your case. If you performed well in the undergraduate courses you were most passionate iwwer–nursing-related subjects–this can work to your advantage.

Illuminating the high marks you earned in specific courses in nursing could assist admissions counselors in realizing that your understanding of nursing isn’t deficient and you’re well-equipped to succeed academically in the nursing field.

Liste of MSN Programs that accept LOW GPA


Featured School(s)GPA ViraussetzungenAvailable MSN Concentrations
1. Universitéit vu SüdkalifornienNo Minimum GPAMSN, FNP
2. Cumberland UniversityMinimum 2.5Nurse Educator, Nurse Executive Leadership
3. Saint Xavier Universitéit2.75 or 3.0 (Varies by Program)CLinical Leadership, Executive Leadership, MSN/MBA
4. Grand Canyon University2.8Health Informatics, Nursing Education, MSN in Public Health, FNP
5. Benediktiner Universitéit2.5MSN
6. Liberty University3.0MSN Nursing Administration, MSN Nurse Educator
7. Sacred Heart University3.2Clinical Nurse Leaders FNP Nursing management
8. Walden UniversityNo Minimum GPANursing Education, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Nursing Informatics
9. Simmons CollegeKeen MinimumDoctor of Nursing Practice, Family Nurse Practitioner
10. Utica CollegeNone ListedFamily Nurse Practitioner, Nursing Leadership, Nursing Educator


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