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Larry Hoover was born on November 30, 1950, in Jackson, Mississippi. After being accused with narcotics conspiracy and extortion, gang boss of the Chicago streets group Gangster Disciples, subsequently known as Growth and Development, was sentenced to life in prison at the age of 45.
When he was twelve years old, the gang formed, and he swiftly rose to become the leader known as Prince Larry.
He tried to hide his illicit operations by putting on a nice front that promoted education, which is how the term Growth and Development was born.

Hoover’s long run-in with the law began with the murder of William Young in 1973. William, a 19-year-old from Chicago’s Englewood area, was kidnapped and later shot on February 26, 1973.
Larry Hoover was named as the person who ordered the death, and both Hoover and the killer, Andrew Howard, a Gangster Disciple, were caught on March 16, 1973.


Hoover and Howard were charged with murder in November 1973 after being caught earlier in 1973. They were sentenced to 150 to 200 years in prison. Hoover was sent to the Statesville Correctional Center in Crest Hill, Illinois, to finish his term.

During his time in prison, he got a GED and an emergency medical technician license. After Barksdale died of kidney disease caused by a previous gunshot in 1974, Hoover gained control of the Gangster Disciples.
Hoover, who was still in prison at the time, took over the reins of authority and ran the world’s largest organized crime syndicate from his cell in classic Machiavellian fashion. The Gangster Disciples already controlled Chicago’s South Side under Hoover.

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Hoover also helped the Gangster Disciples take over the South Side drug trade from prison, as well as adding new gangs to the disciples, such as the Satan Disciples and the Cash Disciples, to mention a few.

Hoover created a drug trade from prison, which began in Chicago and spread across the United States. However, in the early months of 1993, Hoover surprised everyone by declaring that he had abandoned and turned his back on his violent past in order to become a Chicago political celebrity.

The Gangster Disciples began to gain popularity and shifted their focus from violence to charity activities and nonviolent causes. The gang’s name was changed from Gangster Disciples to Growth and Development by Larry Hoover.


In 1995, it was claimed that Hoover’s gang had 30,000 members spread over 35 states and earned around $100 million each year, equating to about $3,300.00 per member per year.

In 1995, Hoover was still in prison after a lengthy federal inquiry resulted in another life sentence. After a 17-year federal government undercover investigation came to a finish on August 22, 1995.

Hoover was arrested at the Vienna Correctional Center by Federal officials and brought to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago to face charges of narcotics conspiracy and extortion in 1997.


Hoover was sentenced to six life terms after being tried and found guilty. He served his time at the United States Penitentiary Administrative in Florence, Colorado, which is a Maximum Facility.

It was eventually uncovered that the so-called nonprofit groups he controlled were all fronts for money laundering, with none of the revenues actually going to benefit anyone in need, according to testimony from other Gangster Disciples.

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What went wrong with Larry Hoover’s appeal?

Larry tried unsuccessfully to be released or transferred to a lower-security prison. He was told that he had been held in “extreme isolation” in solitary confinement for almost 24 hours a day in prison.


Judge Harry, though, dismissed his appeal in July and referred him to one of Illinois’ most notorious felons. If Larry is released, the judge has expressed concern about “an active risk of haram.”


Larry’s Net Worth

As a result of his various shady dealings, it is a monumental effort to pin down all of Larry Hoover’s assets. The drug lord was an expert at money laundering and perfected the art of moving money around his various illicit activities.

The fact that his 30,000-man strong gang recorded earnings of $3,300 each annually means his net worth can be estimated at 100 million dollars.

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