Largest High Schools In The United States 2023

Before we begin to list the top high schools in America, let’s clarify what high schools are large. While the average high school has between 1100-1200 students, the highest number of students at the largest high schools is more than 2000. Imagine all those high school students walking through the halls of high schools for the first time. That’s quite a sight!

It’s important not to be intimidated by many students when we think about the largest high schools. We often feel overwhelmed. But, it’s important to keep calm and look at the positive aspects of large high schools.

You’ve found the right place, whether you’re a parent or student looking for the best high schools in America. This article will cover the basic information about the top high schools in America. This article will discuss the school’s vision and mission.

Here are some benefits you might enjoy before you go to our list of top high schools in America. Imagine thousands of students working with teachers and other staff to create a harmonious school environment. Large machinery that works well speaks for itself. You can also benefit from the many facilities, events, activities, and clubs available to students in large high schools. This will allow you to have a great time socializing with other students.

Largest High Schools In The United States

Which is the largest high school in America (based on enrollment)?

Penn Foster High School has more than 60,000 high school students. This is another example of how online education has changed our thoughts about high school education. Penn Foster High School is an accredited online high school headquartered in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It is affordable, convenient, easy to learn, on-the-go access, career-focused courses, and supportive coaching. Each course is interactive and fun with personal instructors.

The curriculum at Penn Foster High School is 21 credits in total and includes the following:

  • English and mathematics are the basic requirements for education
  • Five elective credits (including American Literature, Algebra, and Career Electives).

Penn Foster High School provides an online learning experience that will help you in your education journey. Its goal is to help you grow personally, academically, and professionally.

  • Learning (find and use new, exciting and interactive learning methods).
  • Applying (present your newly acquired skills and knowledge and apply it).
  • Attain your goals (be successful)

Online schooling allows you to be the next high school graduate, regardless of where you live.

Ten Largest High Schools in the United States

We’ve answered the question of which high school is the largest in America. Here’s the complete list, state by state. We want you to fully understand your options and be informed when applying for a place at one of the top high schools in America.

1. Texas’s Largest High School

Allen High School is a high school located in Allen, Texas. It is the largest school in Texas. This school is also known as the home to the Allen Eagles. According to the school profile for 2021-2022, there are 6,954 students enrolled. This remarkable number places Allen High School on our list of Texas’s largest high schools.

Allen High School helps students select courses via class meetings and posted resources. Before making decisions for the next school year, parents and students are encouraged to consult the Academic Planning guide.

These are the contents of the Academic Planning Guide (APG).

  • Academic information, in general
  • Offerings of courses
  • Course description
  • Fast reference codes
  • Summary of Graduation
  • Graduation requirements for Allen High School
  • GPA Grade Scale

Allen High School is the best choice if you want to be among many high school students at the largest Texas high school.

2. Largest High School in New York

U.S. According to the U.S., In 2022, 5,943 students were enrolled in the 9-12 grade levels. The student-teacher ratio was 24:1. Brooklyn Tech is a public high school. The New York Department of Education runs this influential high school specializing in STEM ( science, technology, engineering, mathematics).

Between 8,000 to 9,000, middle school students try their best every year to pass the admissions test and become the next Brooklyn Technical High School students. According to students’ college preparation, state test results, graduation, and student performance, the largest New York high school is ranked 6 th in New York.

The school’s vision is a unique educational environment encourages social and emotional growth. Brooklyn Technical High School teachers help students reach their full potential and become future leaders in their chosen professions.

Brooklyn Technical School is the largest high school New York City has to offer its students. Register now to reap the benefits.

3. Indiana’s Largest High School

Carmel High school is an accredited four-year high school. It is also the largest high school, with 5,414 students in grades 9-12. This school has a large number of students and a student-teacher ratio that is 19:1. Carmel High School was ranked among the top high schools in America.

Carmel High School is located in Carmel, Indiana. It is part of the Carmel Clay Schools. This public school is ranked 6 thin Indiana and 349 th in the 2022 National Rankings. The largest high school in Indiana boasts over 300 teachers and 400 other employees (clerical and food service), bringing the total number of high school staff to more than 700.

Carmel High School has many students driven to succeed and strive to earn their high school diplomas because of its clear vision to provide equal opportunities for all students.

4. Largest high school in Illinois

Waukegan High school is the largest high school offering its services to 4,609 students in grades 9-12. The enrollment number shows that the student-teacher ratio in Illinois is 16 to 1, which is higher than the state level of 15 to 1.

The public high school is located near Waukegan, Illinois (north of Chicago). Students at Waukegan High School can attend classes on Washington Campus -EAST Campus and Brookside Campus -WEST Campus.

Waukegan High School ranks 438-673 in Illinois and 13,383-17.843 in the National Rankings. The school has an 18% AP participation rate. The Waukegan Community United School District 60 is Illinois’ largest high school.

Waukegan High School encourages students to take their education seriously and stay on top of their classwork. The school strives to graduate 100% of its students within four years.

Many clubs, sports, and activities are available if you choose to make Illinois your high school home. These activities will allow you to connect with other students who share your interests and may even become lifelong friends.

5. California’s Largest High School

Paramount High School is the largest high school located in California. It offers services at two campuses: West Campus for 9 th-grade students and Senior Campus for grades 10-12. U.S. According to U.S.

Paramount High School is the largest school in California. It is ranked 756 th in California and 5,205 thin the 2022 National Rankings. This ranking is based on students’ college preparation, state test results, and graduation. Students can take Advanced Placement tests and projects at Paramount High School.

Paramount High School is committed:

  • Student’s academic, personal, and social growth
  • Students-centered environment
  • Preparation of students for college and future career opportunities

Paramount High School students are PIRATES because of this commitment.

Paramount High School is a great place to call home.

6. Virginia’s Largest High School

High reports that there are 623 high schools across Virginia. Three hundred eighty-six of these schools are public, while 237 private schools are listed. Alexandria City High School has the highest number of students and is the largest in Virginia. There are 4,173 students in grades 9-12. This makes the student-teacher ratio 14:1.

Alexandria City High School is located in the middle of Alexandria, Virginia. The school is affectionately known as the Titans by both students and residents. This public school was known until 2021 as T. C. Williams High School.

Virginia’s largest high school offers advanced placement courses.

Alexandria City High School is ranked 247 thin Virginia and 12,072 in the 2022 National Rankings. The school’s ranking is based on its performance in state tests, graduation, and college preparation.

The mission of Alexandria City High School is to:

  • Learn for your whole life
  • Encourage civil responsibility
  • Give students the tools they need to succeed.

The Virginia School report card will provide more information about the largest fully accredited high school in Virginia.

7. Georgia’s Largest High School

Mill Creek High School has the highest number of students and enrollment in Georgia. Mill Creek High School has 3,742 students in grades 9-12. This made it easy for them to be ranked in the top 100 high schools in America. This high school has a student-teacher ratio of 20 to 1.

Hoschton, Georgia’s largest high school, is ranked 36 th in Georgia. It also ranks 1,478 th in the 2022 National Rankings. Students can also take Advanced Placement tests and projects at this high school.

Mill Creek Hawks SOAR To Excellence (Strive for Overachievement through Accountability, Respect, and Accountability) is the school’s vision. The school’s vision is to foster a culture that promotes excellence by:

  • Character development for students
  • Academic success
  • Nourish talent and leadership

Mill Creek High School could be the right place for you if you are a Georgia resident and want to further your education.

8. Ohio’s Largest High School

William Mason High School in Ohio is the largest high school. There are 3,544 students enrolled in grades 9-12. Mason High School is a public school in Mason, Ohio. William Mason School has a student-teacher ratio of 23 to 1, which is higher than the Ohio National Level of 18:1. The 13th highest ranking high school in Ohio is ranked in Ohio, and the 440 top in the 2022 National Rankings. William Mason High School has a 69% participation rate in Advanced Placement (AP). This data put William Mason High School above the United States’ largest high schools.

The mission of William Mason High School is to:

  • Prepare students for success
  • Please encourage students to make the most of the resources provided to enhance their high school experience.

This school has a long tradition of excellence. To strengthen the school’s bond, they encourage extracurricular activities. William Mason High School will make you feel welcome and help you achieve your goals.

9. Michigan’s Largest High School

Dakota High school is Michigan’s largest high school. Dakota High School has 2,826 students from grades 9-12. According to enrollment data, the student-teacher ratio at this high school was 21:1.

The Metropolitan Detroit area’s public high school is ranked 128 th in Michigan and 3,712 thin the National Rankings. Dakota High School is located in Macomb Township, Michigan. Cognia has accredited it since 1996.

Dakota High School’s mission is to:

  • Students can be challenged and empowered
  • To make a difference in society, educate students

Michigan’s largest high school believes in:

  • High expectations
  • Students’ accountability and responsibility
  • Doing the best for students and their learning
  • Successful students
  • High academic standards
  • Discipline, instruction, and assessment that are reliable
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • A safe and encouraging environment

Dakota High School may be in your area. Don’t hesitate to join it and support its mission.

10. Wisconsin’s Largest High School

Public School Review places Indian Trail High School & Academy at the top of the Wisconsin SST of largest high schools in the 9-12 grades; there are 2,280 students, and the student-teacher ratio of 19:1.

Indian Trail Academy is a public high school located in Kenosha Unified Schools District. This is Wisconsin’s largest high school. It houses both a comprehensive high school as well as an alternative school.

Indian Trail High School Academy and 229 are ranked in Wisconsin, and 7,848 is ranked in the 2022 National Rankings.

You will be required to live within Indian Trail’s boundaries and to try to live up to the Indian Trail mission and achieve your goals if you decide to enroll in Indian Trail High School or Academy.

  • Academic growth
  • Career readiness
  • Social responsibility


Our research into the top American high schools revealed they could accommodate many students. Online education made it possible to educate more students. This led to a rise in the number of high school students. Online schooling has brought the student population to an entirely new level. If your goal is to be a part of a large high school family, you should carefully consider the numbers.

Use the summer break to evaluate your options and decide which high school you want to attend for your next educational journey. Choosing from the many high schools across the United States is important. We hope you find our list helpful and that you can start the 2022/23 school year at the best high school in America.


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