Island Boys Net Worth 2022 | How Did The Island Boys Get Rich?

Island Boys Net Worth

The twins aged 20 from Florida are known as the Island Boys gained fame after their hit song “I’m an Island Boy” became a hit on TikTok. Island Boys’ net worth has grown to $500,000 within one month after their music success.

They stand out because of the humor they display as well as their social media skills. Their real identities are Frankie as well as Alex Venegas, respectively, but they are known by their pseudonyms Kodiyakredd as well as Flyysoulja. We’ll be watching to determine if they can keep their popularity going considering that they’ve just made it into the world of music.

Profile Summary

Real NamesFrankie and Alex Venegas
Stage NamesKodiyakredd and Flyysoulja
AgeTwins who are 20 years old
BirthplaceFlorida, United States
Net Worth$500,000

Why They’re Well-Known

Because of their captivating personalities and unique appearance, The Island Boys have had a recent run of success they have enjoyed. Before their fame, Franky Venegas released a couple of songs in the year 2020, which included Smoke, 9ine, and Real Right.

On the other hand, Alex Venegas’ song Money was released in 2021. They’ve managed to create media personalities that draw a lot of attention to the media because of the popularity that was “I’m an Island Boy.”

Their unique hairstyles – dyed dreadlocks of different colors–make them stand out. They also dress with flair and sports tattoos all over their bodies. They have a strong relationship with their fans. Through various challenges in which they ask participants to emulate their behavior, they interact with the viewers. The challenges are embraced and appreciated by the viewers.

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How do they make a living

Island Boys Island Boys’ combined net worth in 2022 was $500,000 thanks to their numerous sources of income. They earn money because they have a large number of TikTok followers and many brands are willing to pay for them to promote their products. In TikTok, Kodiyakredd has almost 1.4 million users, while Flyysoulja boasts 2.8 million.

The rappers upload music videos and vlogs to the Big Bag Ent YouTube channel. With over 4000 subscribers and more than 8 million views of their videos, the channel has a steady stream of revenue. They could earn money making use of Google AdSense and will most likely earn between $2-$5 per 1,000 views on the channel.

They earn money from their popularity by providing shoutouts to sell on Cameo. To make personal requests for videos cost PS158 ($210) in comparison, to make reservations for business events the cost is PS450 ($600). They also launched a shop selling merchandise, such as the brand’s logo on hoodies, vests, and T-shirts.

Personal Life

Florida was a warm welcome to Frankie along with Alex Venegas on July 16, 2001. The parents of The Island Boys are from Cuba. Since their father died due to a heart attack in 2007 the twins were born in a family with only one parent.

Both of them were prone to bad behavior and faced a difficult early life and difficult teenage. By enrolling them in a reputable school, their mom tried to teach them, but they exhibited bad behavior. The Venegas twins were incarcerated in several juvenile detention centers for committing assaults and robberies. At the time of the beginning of their thriving music careers, they’ve not committed any crime.

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The Venegas brothers have lovers despite the fact they do not discuss their relationship with each other publicly, as evidenced by the many photos they’ve posted online.

They want their relationship to remain secret Therefore, they haven’t revealed the names of the girls they’re dating. Their huge popularity on social media has allowed them to transcend their troubles and live more enjoyable lives.

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