Introduction To Keyboarding: Meaning And Importance

Table Of Content

1. Introduction
2. Meaning Of Keyboarding
3. Importance Of Keyboarding
4. Correct Sitting Posture For Keyboarding


Before data is processed into information, a typisy or computer operator would perform some work with the keyboard. Likewise, when a pianist us producing different sweet melody from a piano, he also manipulates the softa notes and keys.

These activities define the concept of keyboarding. We shall discuss this further.

Meaning Of Keyboard

The computer has a major input device the keyboard, which is used for data enrtry. The keyboard has an arrangement of lettes used to input text and characters into computer.

Therefore, keyboarding is the process of entering data into a computer using the typewriter-like device, known as the keyboard. The data entered can be:

i. Alphabetic data
ii. Numeric data
iii. Alphanumeric data

Importance Of Keyboarding

Through The advent of technolohy in our generation today, keyboarding is important for the following reasons.

1. Keyboarding helps people to improve their writing skills.

2. It allows the process of typing to become easier and much more convenient for everybody.

3. Keyboarding skill is very useful when working with social media platform. It promotes easy and faster communication.

4. It allows people who use computer to quickly and accurately enter data

5. Keyboarding skill are very neceassary for using most computer softwares, like word processing softwar, data base software.

6. It speeds up the process of producing information and getting that information out either on printed paper or way of the internet.

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7. It is used to fill out business forms on the computer and other bills and cheques.

8. Knowledge of adequate keyboarding skills, enables people to open up their own business, to earn a living.

Correct Sitting Posture For Keyboarding

1. Correct sitting osture for keyboarding.

2. Incorrect sitting posture for keyboarding.

Typing is the process of writing or inputing text by pressing the keys on a typewriter keyboard, cell phone, or a calculator. It can be distinguished from other means of text input, such as hand writing and speech recognized.

Typing speed up the process of producing information and getting that information out either on printed paper or by way of the internet.

Using the correct posture at the keyboard can reduce eye strain and fatigue and posture defects which will result in significantly better typing performance.

To ensure effective typing, follow the following guideline:

1. Line up monitor with top of the head.

2. Position the screen at arm’s length.

3. Properly relax your shoulder.

4. The angle from the bending of elbows should be 90′.

5. Keep the wrist straight while keyboarding/typing.

6. Line up hips, shoulder and ears vertically.

7. Place hips back in chair bent at 90′.

8. Sit up straight and feet flat on the floor.

9. Position the source document or manuscript directly in front of you and use an in-line copy stand.

10. Keep your finger anchored in the home row keys when you reach for a key on the top or bottom row while typing. While typing always remember to bring your finger back to the home row position.

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11. Use Thumbs to press the space key

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