Introduction To Business Studies: Meaning, Components And Importance Of Business Studies

Introduction To Business Studies

What Is Business Studies?

Business Studies is an integrated and practical course that is made up of various subjects. It is integrated in the senses that it comprises more than one subject and practical because most of the subject that make up business Studies are learnt by doing.

Components Of Business Studies

Components Of Business Studies includes;

1. Office practical
2. Commerce
3. Book keeping
4. Key boarding
5. Type writing
6. Short hand

Importance Of Business Studies

1) Business Studies prepares students for office work.

2) It gives opportunity for self reliance.

3) It enables students to enquire a lot of skills which assist them in their daily living such as buying and selling, letter writing, family budget, etc.

4) It prepares students for higher education.

5) The study of business Studies can contribute to making the students useful members of the society by making them contribute to economic development of their society.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog post! It was very informative and I learned a lot about business studies. I especially liked the explanation of the meaning and components of business studies. This is an important topic that I think should be covered more

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