Intra And Inter Departmental Communications

Communication is the act of communicating as well as receiving messages. Within every company, communication may be either intra or inter-related and is a vital part. It can be oral or written.

Inter-Department CommunicationThis is a way to communicate between various departments within an organization.

Intra-Departmental CommunicationThis is also the term used to describe communication within departments within an organization. Information is the way the goals of an organization are met. Effective communication is required both intra and inter for employees to be able to perform their tasks efficiently.

Importance of Inter and Intra Departmental Communication

1. Communication is a method of communicating or receiving messages faster within an organization.

2. It bridges the gap in communication between managers and employees.

3. Superior officers can easily observe the activities of their subordinates with the aid of internal and inter-departmental communication

4. Written communication is a permanent record of helping with reference

5. It makes it simple and quick to connect with the departmental communication

6. Inter and intra-communication link to the command chain of all departments and lead to the commonality of goals.

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