Importance Of Family Value System

Family Values

Value means the worth or merit of an item. Values are beliefs, feelings and ideas about what is important. Values are based on ideas about what is right, good, and desirable. Values can be positive or negative.

Examples of positive values are: freedom, courtesy, good health, orderliness, friendship, leisure, love patience, respect, tolerance, compassion, fairness, trust, honesty, responsibility, education, comfort, companionship, and so on.

Examples of negative values are: dishonesty, envy, falsehood, selfishness, corruption, and so on.

Values can not be seen. They are shown through actions.

Value System This is a set of values that a person has.

Family Values: These are the beliefs, feelings and ideas about what is important to a family. Base on its values, a family has a value system. Family values could be honesty, uprightness, respect for human dignity, hard work, compassion, education, high moral standing, love, respect for elders, high sense of responsibility, trustworthiness, etc.

Importance Of Family Value System

A strong value system can be a useful tool to a family in many ways. Some of the ways are:

1. It helps family to make decisions.

2. It provides motivation for action.

3. It controls behaviour.

4. It provides confidence and strength.

5. It helps you to consider other people.

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