Human Rights: Meaning And Types Of Human Rights

Civic Education
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  • Meaning Of Human Rights
  • Types Of Human Rights
  • Characteristics And Categories Of Human Rights

Human Rights In Civic Education
Human rights are the rights conferred on man by nature. They are natural rights because they are inherit in our nature and are gifts of God. The human rights are human existence and all the individuals are entitled to and therefore are expected to enjoy in full without hindrance or restriction.
Types Of Human Rights
1. Social Rights: They are decent life and also be able to relate and interact with other members of the society.
2. Political Rights: These are those rights to participate in bringing about the government of the day and also enhance good governance.
3. Economic Rights: They are the right that enable a citizen to engage in a profitable business for his economic enhancement and welfare and for the progress of the state.
4. Cultural Rights: They are those rights that enable a citizens to be involved in the cultural activities of this community and the nation as a whole.
5. Civic Rights: They are those rights that make members of society to relate meaningfully.
6. Legal Rights: They are those rights that enable a citizen to enjoy legal services and the protection of the law court.
Characteristics And Categories Of Human Rights
Steps For The Protection Of Human Rights
1. Entrenchment of fundamental human rights in the constitution.
2. Democratically elected government.
3. Independence of the judiciary.
4. The rule of law.
5. Free press.
6. Human rights organisations and activities.
7. The functions of the National Agency for the prevention of trafficking in Human Persons (NAPTIHP).
8. Human rights courts.
9. Legal aids.
10. Writ of Habeas corpus.
11. Ombudsman.
12. Mass education and enlightenment campaigns.

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