How To Start Pig Farming In Ghana (Step by Step Guide)

Pig farming business is one of the lucrative business in Ghana. This business is so profitable that it can fetch you millions of money within a year. Another name for pig farming is piggery.

Pig farming is becoming more lucrative and expanding rapidly here in Ghana and around the world. Do you know that pig meat is very high in demand in Ghana and sells very fast anywhere (markets, shops, restaurants etc).

Pigs can consume a wide range of food and can give birth to 5-25 piglets, Wow!!! that’s a big profits. This business is changing peoples lives instantly.

How to start a pig farming in Ghana

1. Get a Land: For you to start a piggery, you need to secure a land for it, Acquire a land which should be located mostly at a rural areas. Depending on your capital, it is advisable to get large plots of lands so that pigs can be able to move freely around the field.

2. Construct a Standard Pens: A pig pen is a place where the pig stays. How you build your pens will tell hoe healthy your pigs will be. So is expected to build a standard pens to avoid your pigs getting disease/dirty. Also remember to keep your pens clean.

3. Buy Healthy & Vigour Piglets: Make sure you buy a healthy pigs, it is expected to buy from a trusted source, Examine them properly before buying.

4. Hire Workers: Hire at least 3 workers if your pigs are more than 50. If you are starting small, you can hire 1 or 2 workers or you can just do it by yourself. But remember there is power in numbers (teamwork).

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If your pocket can’t afford to hire workers, you have friends who want to have financial freedom just like you, You two can work together.

5. Consider their Feeding: It is very important to feed your pigs healthily, Avoid feeds or foods that will deprive the pigs from healthy state to abnormal state. Pigs also eat just like human beings, Healthy feeding are very good for them. How healthy your pigs are, determines how wealthy you will be.

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Requirements For Starting A Pig Farming In Ghana

1) Capital
2) Plot of land
3) A Good location/environment
4) Business/Marketing strategies
5) Well constructed pig pen


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(1) It creates employment opportunities.

(2) It grants financial freedom.

(3) It is very easy to start.

(4) Extra income through faeces of pigs (Extra income from Manures).

Pig farming can boost the economy of Ghana and reducing recession through self-employment. Many people are shying away from this business.

Pig farming seems to be a dirty work but it is very lucrative and profitable!!!

Keep Away Shame and face your Future!!!

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