How To Start Lucrative Poultry Farming In Ghana

Poultry farming is one of the cheapest and most profitable and lucrative farming business one can start in Ghana.
This is a business one can venture into, which is generating thousands of money weekly, monthly and on a daily basis. There are many streams of income involves in poultry farming. Income through Eggs production, Income through their faeces (on manures),etc.
On this business, You can start earning within a year, And the most important thing here is that, “Buyers are not really a Problem”. Chickens and Eggs are very high in demands here in Ghana. Poultry farming is as similar as Pig Farming, The difference is the capital and time involves to yield profit.
Poultry farming is expanding seriously, even a small child can do this business talk less of a grown up person.
Are you a graduate and still waiting for white collar jobs ? Are you a student looking for another streams of income ? Are you employed and still need extra income ? Are you tired of being jobless ? If the answer is YES, then we will advice you to venture into this business irrespective of the little capital you have.
How To Set Up A Poultry Farm In Ghana.
1. Plan Your Business: Before setting a poultry farm, it is very important to do more research and plan your strategies which you will use to run the business.
2. Choose The Kind Of Poultry Bird You Want To Rear: You have to decide whether you will go for broilers, layers, hatchery etc.
You have to choose the one you prefer or you can do the both But it depends on you.
3. Choose Your Location & Land: Is not advisable to set up poultry farm near urban areas for health purposes.
Secure an area at a rural side or a place where it won’t disturb people. If you don’t have capital for lands, you can set it up at your back yard or compound (it depends).
4. Construct A Poultry Pen: Is not that expensive to construct, you can construct it on your own with planks or wood stick/furniture’s.
5. Purchase Day Old Chick: Now that you have planned your business and get everything sets, The next step is to buy a Day old chicks. You can buy depending on your capital, But not because is very cheap and you want to start with two or three, Start with reasonable number of chicks like at least 20.
6. Buy Feeds: Next is to get your feed for their feedings.
Requirements/Items Needed Before Starting A Poultry Farming In Ghana.
1. Capital
2. Perches
3. Feeders
4. Nests
5. Cages
6. Incubator
7. Crates
8. Drinkers
9. Egg tray
10. Coops
11. Heaters (Brooders)
12. Lighting system
13. Waste Disposal System
14. Land/An area for setting up your poultry farm
15. Poultry Pen
Benefits Of Setting Up A Poultry Farm
(1) It create self employment opportunities.
(2) Extra.
(3) Chicken and Eggs are very high in Demands, thereby creating financial stability to owners.
(4) Is also a means of eradicating poverty and reducing recession here in Ghana.
Setting up a poultry farm in Ghana is a Good idea, We have lots of consumers who buys poultry products on daily basis, This article is written to give you guides on here to set up a poultry farm and make money from it.
We are not at the stage when everyone is waiting for Government or for white collar jobs, But rather we are at the Entrepreneurship Level. You can Start small and Grow Big.

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