How To Start Diesel Supply Business In Ghana

The Oil and Gas business is one of the most lucrative business in Ghana. Many people are making billions from this Diesel Supply Business.
The oil and gas industry is one of the most lucrative zones in the world. In Ghana, it adds to the country’s economic output, making it extremely important in aiding economic development in the nation. While this industry remains a great source of revenue for the country, a few individuals are taking advantage of it to create fascinating businesses.
They are operating in both crowded and less crowded niches, and are generating amazing revenues ranging from a few millions to multi-billions of GHS. Whether you have a lot of capital or not to venture into the oil and gas industry, there’s always a niche you can play a role in, and one of them is the diesel supply business in Ghana.
Supply of Diesel is also known as AGO (Automated Gas Oil), Which is one of the most profitable business in the Ghanaian oil and gas industry.
1. Register Your Business: You have to Register your Business. If you want to start a Diesel Supply Business in Ghana, It is very important to register your business, because it shows that you are very genuine.
2. Look For a Diesel Supplier: Before starting a diesel supply business, You need to find a supplier, Sometimes it is expected to find diesel buyers first before suppliers.
3. Buy Your Truck: Now that you have found a Diesel Supplier and Buyers, The next step is to purchase your truck
4. Start Marketing Your Business: The great thing about diesel supply business is that there are organisations, offices, industries, hotels, homes and schools that requires diesel to operate their business.
What you have to do is to visit those places that you know who make use of diesel, with your Business cards and introduce your services to them.
Reasons Why You Need To Start a Diesel Supply Business
1. It creates self-employment opportunities.
2. It is a lucrative/profitable business with lots of income, there is huge amount of money to be made in Diesel supply.
3. You don’t even need to store the products, all you have to do is to supply/market the diesel’s to your Customers and cash your money to your bank account!!!
4. Diesel supplier that got everything properly done in place makes between 5-10 million monthly after expenses. Which means that this business is very profitable.
Requirement To Start Diesel Supply Business In Ghana And Around The World
1. Capital
2. Diesel-Truck
3. Business Card
4. Marketing Strategies
5. A Good Location
6. Office
Once you have the product aspect covered, your major assignment is marketing/advertising. Reach out for potential buyers. Make advert on the daily newspapers, Social Medias and online portals.

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