How To Start Cucumber Farming In Zimbabwe

Are you interested in starting a cucumber farm in Zimbabwe! Do you need information on the business plan needed to set up a cucumber farm? IF YES, you are on the right article. Cucumber farming is one of the lucrative venture in Zimbabwe. This business is earning income more than employers with high degrees.
Cucumber is a vegetable widely accepted and consumed in Zimbabwe. It’s popularity has reached to the stage where even small children knows what cucumber is.
Is Cucumber Farming Profitable In Zimbabwe?
Have you ever considered cucumber farming as an option! Have you ever asked yourself the profitability of cucumber farming in Zimbabwe? YES!!!, Cucumber farming is very lucrative because it is very high in demand, 50% of Zimbabweans loves eating cucumber on a daily basis due to it’s health benefits, it also sells very fast here in Zimbabwe. So cucumber farming should be taken very serious and it’s return on investment (ROI) will keep on multiplying.
This business doesn’t require any skills like most of the business do,. All that is needed is your interest, passion and capital. And also this vegetable have lots of health benefits like: reduces the risk of cancer, it hydrates the body, it helps reducing cholesterol, it also helps in skin nourishment etc.
Step By Step Guide On How To Start A Cucumber Farming Business In Zimbabwe
Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Zimbabwe:
(1) Conduct A Feasibility Study On Cucumber Farming: Make a good research about cucumbers, the requirements and cost needed to start the business. Focus on the market competition & home levels. Increase your knowledge about this business through research.
(2) Business Plan: The next step is to create a good business plan after you might have done your research. A good business will help direct your steps, it will make your farm organize and give you a clearer idea on what you will need to achieve. This will make you stand out and be unique from other cucumber farmers in Zimbabwe.
(3) Good Location & Good Land: You will need to purchase or rent a land for your cucumber farming operations in a good location. The soil should not be too dry or too waterlogged, but get it in mind that cucumbers needs a good soil and lots of water, this contributes to their productivity. Choose enough land for your cucumber farming business, make sure that the land is free from pests and therefore, always take preventive measures for such.
(4) Design Your Cucumber Farm: This may sound funny but you should ensure that there is enough space for car parks, you can add boreholes for water supply, if possible install solar to your farm ( This collect energy in day time and release it in the Night) which also helps in cucumber growth. Add irrigation system, benches, fertilizer system, wire shelving for air flow. All this really makes up a cucumber farm.
(5) Buying Of Seeds: Purchase seeds from wholesale suppliers. Some might be asking how to get cucumber seed in Zimbabwe: it is very simple, just look for a cucumber farmer or local markets, or you can go to any agricultural institution around you, they will guide you well on the seeds.
(6) Harvesting And Marketing: Cucumbers are harvested when they are still green, avoid Harvesting them when they are ripe. The maturity of Cucumber depends on it seeds, some are likely to mature within 40 days, 45 days, 47 days, 50 days, 60 days, it varies. After Harvesting, wash and arranged them for sell. Inform people about your Cucumbers, contact farm stores, local markets, nurseries in order to markets your products.
Requirements And Tools & Equipments Needed For Cucumber Farming In Zimbabwe
1) Capital
2) Fertilizer
4) Manures
5) Hybrid seeds
6) Drip irrigation
7) Knapsack sprayer
8) Tillers
9) Weeders
10) Cutlass and Hoe
11) Bamboos
12) Binding wire
13) Ropes etc.
The cost analysis for cucumber farming will be determined by the following: land, manures, pesticides, equipments, labour, soil test. If you have lands already, you can start this business with less than $170. If you don’t have land, then the estimated cost for cucumber farming business is $1500 (it can be higher or lesser).

  • The major problems and challenges of cucumber farming in Zimbabwe is caused by using wrong fertilizers, unhealthy seeds and lack of knowledge. Ensure to avoid all this to have good productivity.
  • Prevent Pests And Diseases; the greatest enemy of cucumber are pest and diseases, it can affects the growth of your cucumber farm. Endeavor to spray pesticides to get rid of them and most especially good management will boost up the growth of cucumber farming in Zimbabwe.
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