How To Start Chicken Farming In Nigeria

Chicken farming in Nigeria is one of the lucrative agricultural venture in Nigeria. Chicken farming is the popular livestock farming under Poultry. If you are interested in starting a chicken farming in Nigeria, then this article will give you tips for starting a successful chicken farm.
Chicken farmers are not meeting up with demand of the consumers, And it still needs more farmers. That is why there are lots of good opportunities in chicken rearing to make money.
Research has shown that the country buys poultry products (chicken & eggs) on a daily basis. Hotels, restaurants, eateries are the main consumers. So chicken farming business is very profitable. It does not require a degree or being a graduate, With experience and skills you can start your own chicken business. Chicken farming in Nigeria are classified in the following categories:
i. Small scale chicken farming (50 to 1000 birds).
ii. Medium scale chicken farming (1000 to 5000 birds).
iii. Large scale or commercial chicken farming (5000 birds and above).
(1) Purchase The Chicken Farm: The first thing to consider is the farm. The land size depends on the scale you want to start with (whether small scale, medium scale or in commercial). If you also have enough space at your backyard, it will be good for backyard chicken rearing in Nigeria.
(1) Housing: You will need a well constructed poultry pen for small scale or commercial chicken farming in Nigeria. The poultry house is very important for effective keeping and good management practices. The housing depends on the management system of chicken production. There are extensive system, intensive system and semi-intensive system. Each system has it own housing like:
a. Deep liter system
b. Battery cage system
c. Half liter system
d. Semi-intensive system.
Ensure that the chicken housing is well constructed and can circulate air through the construction.
(3) Buy The Equipments: Purchase the chicken farming equipments such as: Cages, coops, egg tray, incubator, feeders, nests, drinkers, crates, perches, lamps (lighting system), etc.
(4) Breeding: In Nigeria, there are three main breeds for chicken farming; Layers, broilers, & hatchery, You have to choose the needed breeds according to your type of production. Layers are for egg production, broilers are for meat production, while the hatchery are for hatching chicks. You can also interact with other chicken farmers to get proper information about the appropriate breeds for small scale or commercial chicken farming in Nigeria.
(5) Feeding: Poultry birds need a good nutritious feeding for growth and healthy productivity, Know their feeding requirements. Apart from giving them good food, also provide them with clean water. Take good care of your birds, Keep your farm and feeds clean from contaminants. Don’t forget to vaccinate them when needed to keep them free from poultry diseases.
(6) Marketing: Getting potential customers are not the major problem when it comes to marketing, Because the market demands of chickens & eggs are always high and it still needs more suppliers. You can sell your chickens in local market, hotels or restaurants. Marketing is very important in any business and you should consider it when you are planning to start your own chicken farming business in Nigeria.
Chicken farming has a good contribution to the markets, food demand and economy of Nigeria. It is very important to visit and learn how to start chicken farming practically from other chicken farmers. And lastly, Chicken farming in Nigeria is a lucrative farming business idea that should be considered among other agricultural business.