How To Start An Event Planning Business In Africa

For an event to run smoothly, organization and coordination are essential. It’s also a crucial component in making any event the talk of town. Event planning has been around since the turn of the century. The first gatherings and events were arranged in order to foster peace and friendship among tribes and clans.

The event planning sector, on the other hand, has undergone a significant transformation in the twenty-first century as a result of growing global interest in lavish celebrations and meticulous organization, both in informal get-togethers, social events, and formal meetings. Consumer technology such as mobile phones and 3D decorative objects, among other things, has had a huge impact on the events sector.

Event planners are making a lot of money all across the world, and the Nigerian economy is benefiting from it as well. In Nigeria, event planning was not always appreciated. It was sometimes disregarded in favor of more visible and appealing businesses, but in recent years, the industry has garnered widespread popularity.

The Nigerian events business is thought to be among the most extravagant in Africa, with a market worth of $20 billion. Nigerians are not afraid to hold parties to commemorate important anniversaries. Companies now use events as a marketing and communication strategy, in addition to the ubiquitous “owambes.”

There are over 20,000 events taking place across Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and other African countries every week, ranging from product debuts to press conferences and corporate gatherings. \

Types of Event Planning and Management Business

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1. Venue Management OR Venue Rental

Booking a suitable event venue and preparing it for an event is what event space or venue management entails. Even in the tiniest room, event venue organizers are specialists at pulling off a spectacular event. They know which layout, logistics, and mood will work for all types of events, whether it’s a theatre, a music hall, or a ballroom.

2. Ushering Services 

Another important function for a flawless event is crowd control or ushering. Several ushering firms have sprung up to fill the critical roles of protocol, crowd management, and events, and many young people have found work as a result.

3. Security Services 

Security officers are invited to watch over the arena for most occasions involving high-profile guests or events with large attendees. This position is also filled by registered private security organizations and bouncers, in addition to members of recognized forces.

4. Interior Decoration

Event planning also keeps interior decoration experts in business. They are required to set the mood in the hall with suitable decorations.

How Do You Start an Event Planning Business In Africa?

1. Register Or Incorporate Your Business 

Any business’s success depends on its ability to brand itself. Register your company with the appropriate agencies. Additionally, having a business card is beneficial since it offers a favorable initial impression of the brand.

Establishing a well-rounded portfolio with a beautiful gallery of your successful event and tryouts would provide your client with a wealth of facts to consider. Another crucial part of branding is establishing an online presence. Develop an appropriate website and other social media accounts where you may post your events on a regular basis and communicate with your audience in order to attract new customers.

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2. Get An Office 

Because most of the individuals involved work on a contract basis and are only accessible when there are projects to complete, an event planning business does not require a lot of physical space. The office managers and clerks or secretaries who take down event bookings are the most basic members of staff required at a physical venue. The size of the office will be determined by the number of employees, but for now, a small two- or three-room office will suffice.

3. Develop Good Business Relationship With Vendors

“It’s not what you know, but who you know,” as the saying goes. As an event planner, the most crucial relationships you will form are with your event vendors. Caterers, florists, equipment rental firms, motels, photographers, and other event-related businesses fall into this category.

Conduct informational interviews to learn more about each company’s operations and to inquire about any discounts they may be able to provide. It’s impossible to avoid being courteous to your vendors. You may also ask vendors to refer clients to your event planning company.

4. Promote Your Business 

You can promote your brand and services on social media especially on Instagram, trust me this is where the bulk of your clients will come from.

The event planning industry operates largely on networks. In addition to running ads for your services on all platforms available to you, it is important to weave your way into the circle of socialites as well as other influential persons in the society. To square up to the heavy competition in the events industry, you need the right networks.

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