How To Start A Turkey Farm In Zimbabwe

Are you interested in setting up a turkey farm in Zimbabwe? Do you have passion on turkey farming business but needs information on how to get started? This article will give out the original information on everything you need to know about turkey farming.
Turkey farming is o e of the lucrative ventures in Agriculture which have high return on investment. Turkey farming is very similar with chicken Farming, the difference is the birds. This business is booming in Zimbabwe with a rewarding income. Go to hotels, fast-food restaurants & bars, you will see that turkey are been consumed on daily basis.
The market demand of turkey is very high, this also give opportunity for interested people to venture on this Agribusiness. The demand is so high that turkey farmers in Zimbabwe can’t even meet up.
Turkey farming is one of the cheapest and profitable farming business one can start in Zimbabwe, This business is generating money daily, weekly and on monthly basis. There are different streams of income on turkey Farming; income through eggs and income through meats. Is unfortunate that there are only few turkey farms in Zimbabwe, But in this article, we are going to give a detailed guide on how to start a turkey farm in Zimbabwe and other places.
How To Start A Turkey Farm In Zimbabwe
In establishing a turkey farm, the following must be considered:
(1) Location And Space: The land should be relatively adequate for turkey farm structures like housing, and other constructions needed.
(2) Capital or Finance: Consider the amount of money required to start a turkey farm and capital to lead through maintenance.
(3) Choice Of Breeds: You are expected to go ahead to select your stock from the breeds you consider to be the best. If your selection is not properly choosen, the production and growth will be low. And you know what it means, that’s the beginning of business failure. The breeds of turkeys in Zimbabwe are:
1. Royal palm
2. White Holland
3. Bourbon Reds
4. Standard Bronze
5. Broad-Breasted Bronze
6. Narragansett
7. Wild Bronze Turkey
8. Broad-Breasted White etc..
(4) Feeds: Know the feeding requirements for turkeys. Insufficient or unbalanced feeds will affect the growth and result to low productivity. Chicken feeds and turkey feeds are very much related. Feed them well with grains, millets, oats and other legumes to their food.
(5) Consider Their Health And Hygiene: Turkeys can’t perform well unless they are very healthy. Preventive measures should be taken when necessary, There should be effective cleaning and disposal of waste, This will help the turkey in good health.
(6) Equipments: All the necessary equipments should be provided and be made available at all times.
Requirements And Equipments Needed For Turkey Farming In Zimbabwe
1. Capital
2. Feeders
3. Drinkers
4. Egg tray
5. Waste Disposal System
6. Incubator
7. Perches
8. Coop
9. Turkey pen
10. Heaters (Brooders) etc.
The cost of starting a turkey farm in Zimbabwe is $200, This is just for small scale. But the cost for medium scale or large scale turkey for is between $2000 to $30,000.

  • The profitability of turkey farming In Zimbabwe is very high, You can have your return on investment (ROI) in just one season.
  • Turkey Farming is a low capital business, With just $200 you can get started.
  • Don’t hesitate in starting your turkey rearing business. If you follow the above guide, you will see yourself making it.
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