How To Start A Private (Nursery And Primary) School In Ghana

Private school business is a very profitable business in Ghana.
Nursery and primary private school business in Ghana has become more profitable these days than ever before, due to the sheer number of children.

With such increase in the number of children born daily, monthly and yearly — comes the need for more Nursery and Primary schools to cater for them. The need for even more will continue over the upcoming years.

Private School business is currently one of the most booming businesses in Ghana although it requires Huge capital and time.

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Starting a private school requires a lot of money and support. Despite the hurdles you have to cross before you get fully established as a thriving business your spurs and encouragement will be to know that you setting up to make a difference in the lives of children and families.

For a start, don’t be over anxious of the money you will make. Be more eager to do everything possible to give the children the best education they will ever have. Your achievements will be a testimony that will move your business forward.

The investment in (Nursery and Primary) private school business is a worthwhile investment with decent profit returns? If you are ready to hit the ground and get started, then you have to read this Article carefully.

We have put together a few guidelines to walk you through the processes you need to go through in order to get your business established in Ghana.

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How To Start A Private (Nursery an Primary) School

1. Make Out A Business Plan

You have to draw out a business plan and proper research on the Educational niche you want to invest in. A Good Business plans is one of the keys to success in every business.

2. Secure A Land In A Good Location

You need to buy plots of land to establish Your school, The best location for a private school is one that’s out in the open, with lots of pedestrian traffic.
Note: If you don’t have much money for land, you can go for rented Apartment.

3. Business Registration

The next steps is to register your business, it is very important to avoid issues and problems in future while running your school. Registering your private school has lot of benefits.

4. Build Your School

The cost of building depends on the size and quality of the building you want to construct. Your Engineer will be able to put you through in this, sit down with him and discuss it with him properly.

Note: If you don’t have much cash to Build the school structure, you can also purchase or rent an Apartment/facility to use as the classroom.

5. Get The Required Equipment

The most important aspect now is to equip your classrooms. Some of the equipments are:

1. Chairs
2. Tables
3. Computer
4. Educational Videos
5. TV
6. Toys And Gadgets For Educational Purposes.

Parents will be happy to pay when they see that your classes are properly and well equipped.

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6. Employ Qualified Teachers/Staffs

You need to advertise your vacancies to get teachers. Your Teachers needs to meet up with some important standards and qualifications, Not anyhow teachers.

7. Enrollment Of Students

You should start Broadcasting and Advertising your School both offline and Online. The key to succeed on this aspect is to Offer free lessons during holidays before School resumptions.

Requirement Needed

1. Capital
2. Land Or A Rented Apartment
3. Business Plans
4. Marketing Strategies
5. A Good Location

Private (Nursery And Primary) School is a lucrative and profitable business in Ghana. Visit private schools Around you and find out more Information’s and Requirements.

Your private schools can even grow from Nursery, Primary to Secondary and University.

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