How To Start A Cassava Flour Production In Ghana

Cassava is the most important root crop in Ghana. Apart from being a staple crop in both rural and urban households cassava is a major source of income to cassava farmers and processors in the rural areas.
Cassava flour production is very lucrative as it is a very important ingredient in profitable production of bread and some cakes.
Cassava poses a potential threat in the rundown of the items which include rice, sorghum, cocoa and cotton. It in this way turns out to be auspicious to offer a business opportunity on how business driven individuals, as well as financial specialists, can put resources into cassava processing and make considerable profit in the long run.
It has been tried and seen that wheat flour containing 10 percent cassava flour gives great bread and different desserts. In such manner, demand for cassava flour will be in several thousand metric tons yearly as flour plants are presently issuing Local Purchase Orders for supply of cassava flour.
Cassava flour business is exceptionally profitable on the grounds that the rate of returns on investment of delivering a ton is more than 100 percent.
The basis of this business will help the profitable segment of the economy. Profitable segment improvement will affect the business sector, high profitability and increment in nation’s GDP.
Other social and financial advantages resultant from the venture are demand mitigation, decrease in social indecencies, reduction in in rural-urban drift, increased farm and production cost and fair appropriation of wage.
Cassava Flour Business In Ghana
Cassava Flour is made by cooking, drying and pounding cassava root to a fine powder. It varies from Tapioca flour, in that Tapioca flour is produced using the starch of the cassava plant where the cassava flour is the ground root.
Top notch Cassava Flour farm is utilized as substitute for wheat flour in pastry shop and confectionary items.
The demand for Cassava Flour business in Ghana is high. The main thrust behind the demand is the Federal government arrangement on cassava flour incorporation in wheat flour for cassava-wheat- composite flour production particularly for bread and confectionary preparation.
Machines And Equipment For Starting Cassava Flour Business In Ghana
The machines and equipment for production of cassava flour includes:
1. Granulator
2. Flash Fryer
3. Hydraulic Press
4. Detoxifier
5. Vibrio Sieve
6. Hammer Mill Grater
7. Hammer Mill with Cyclone
8. Packaging Machine
9. Weighing Machine
Cassava flour Production remains a lucrative agricultural venture if executed right.
Try not to cut corners when setting up a cassava flour business, and you’d end up growing the right crops everyone desperately wants to buy. With this agric business, you can be guaranteed your products would sell out all the time.

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