How To Set Up Petrol Filling Station In Ghana

Ghana is one of the top oil producing country in the world, And one of the consumers of oil products in Africa.
We have Cars, Trucks, Bus, Vehicles and other transportation Machines in Ghana, they all need petrol or diesel, Opening a petrol station is a good investment.
Almost every home in Ghana has a generator that works sometimes all day to power our homes (we are writing this article with my laptop powered by generator right now), and most of these thousands and millions of generators used in Ghana run on petrol and diesel.
The factories, organisations, businesses, schools, hospitals, in fact, everything in Ghana depends on power generated privately from petroleum products-consuming sets. And all these oil products are dispensed almost 100 per cent through fuel filling stations.
Therefore, if you can set up a petrol filling station of your own to market all these products, you are in for profits Because the demands for oil and it’s related products are very high and suppliers seems not to be enough.
That’s why you need to fill those gaps, even the major oil marketers are always looking for individual (would be) marketers who have the needed finance and logistics that they can sponsor in this business, That is to say that if you are 100 and start this business today, The 100 of you all will still make full cash, Thereby Adding values to the economic development in this Country (Ghana).
Having your petrol filling station in the rural area is far less expensive to set up and to maintain and still guarantees sustainable profit. But it can also be on urban areas too, depending on your choice, Remember there are factors to consider before setting up a petrol station, one of it is location (Open or close locations, Rural or Urban Areas).
Types Of Petrol Marketers
There are two major types of petrol marketers, Namely:

  1. Dependent Marketer’s
  2. Independent Marketer’s
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Both has a role to play and Advantages/Disadvantages And you need to know and choose clearly the kind of marketer you want to be.
Dependent Marketer’s
Dependent Marketer is the one that holds the franchise of the major oil marketer to market under it’s name with your own facility fully branded by them. That is being a franchisee.
Independent Marketer’s
Independent Marketer is the one that runs this petrol business under his own name, and buys directly from the source.
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How To Set Up Your Petrol Filling Station
1. Business Planning:
You will need to Carry out research and feasibility study about the business structure and the location you intend to situate your business. This is very important as it will help your decision-making and form part of your documentation.
You will need to analyze your target market and competitions included on it.
Basically, your petrol filling station has to be along the major road so that passing vehicles can easily have access to the facility. whether it is on rural areas or urban areas, the most important aspect is for it to be along the road where moving vehicles can easily locate it.
Also know that, you are making a huge investment, and you need to carefully study your intended petrol filling station environment. After this, you proceed to get Approval to Construct.
2. Secure a Land:
The next step is to buy a land which is at a good location.
Remember, Two plots measurement of land is the minimum land requirement to build your petrol filling station.
This can be able to afford enough space for vehicles to queue and make exit turns. Carefully negotiate price for good landed property, the prices vary from location to location; no specific price can be placed on that here. You will need to find that out using property agents.
3. Construction Of Petrol Station:
The petrol station construction engineer is perfectly able to handle that effectively.
The constructions include:

  1. A bungalow – how big or small is entirely your choice depending on the space available and what else you want to add. You can also add Fast Food, Restaurants or Super market. It depends on your pocket (cash).
  2. Canopy over your pumps – the shade constructed over petrol station pumps is called canopy. It protects the pumps and the petrol attendants against the sun and the rain. In this modern days, we no longer use this rubber canopies.
  3. A Perimeter fence.
  4. Modern flooring.
  5. Modern generators (Standby generator or Lifters etc)
  6. Electronic pump
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4. Purchase Storage Tank:
The next step is to acquire a storage tank,
We recommend that you go for high volume tank, like the 45,000 and the 60,000 litres if you intend to be storing extra fuel. If you go for 30,000 litres underground tank and you intend to be lifting full tanker of 30,000 litres, then you will have to always wait until the last drop of fuel in that tank is sold before going for another turn.
5. Employ Workers:
You should have the following staff:

    Requirements For Setting Up a Petrol Filling Station
    1. Capital
    2. Business plans/Marketing Strategies
    3. Identification Card/Document
    4. Land
    5. Business cards
    With all the requirements and Teachings, you are good to start, But don’t forget the most important thing, That is registering your Business!!!

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