How To Register Your Business In Ghana

Do you have a business or thinking of establishing one ? Then you should consider registering your business/company!
Registering a business in Ghana can give you a lot of benefits, It is the requirement of the law that you should register your business if you want to do legitimate business in Ghana.
Do you meet all the requirements? Now you are ready to become a part of the business in Ghana. In order to register your company, follow the steps listed below:
1. Choose a name for your Company Actually, you should do this step before registering your company. The name has to be suitable and will be submitted to Ghana’s Corporate Affairs Agency. They will run an availability search and will see if you can use the name. In order to save some time, submit at least two names for your company. It is easier to do a couple of names in a row and see if one of them will work than submit one name, receive a refusal and send another.
Note that your name will be rejected if it already exists or you have words such as:
– National;
– Government;
– Federal;
– Holdings.
In order to use these words, you need to have special permission. The process of getting a name for your company may take up to a week. Don’t forget to submit more than one name!
2. Fill the form correctly in CAPITAL LETTER – There is nothing much to fill, just your name, your address and The Names you intends to register, tick the type of company category you want to register as. You have option one and two
-Option one is your first choice name, while
-Option two is the alternative name in case the first choice isn’t available.
Make a Photocopy of the filled form before submitting it, the photocopy is what you will bring back to be used to locate your form. Submit the original and go back in three days to check if your name is available. If not, you will have to repeat the process all over again until you find one that is available.
Note : If you go for popular phrases, you have 99% possibility of not having it available. Chose something unique and uncommon.
3. Take your completed form to the Federal High Court or State High Court for attestation. So, when you get there, ask for where you can do attestation. When you are through with that, return back to Corporate Affairs Agency office and submit your completed and attested forms. The first person will view it and sign on it and ask you to pass it to the next person who will type it into the computer and print it out for you to see and make amend if necessary.
Make your final payment for the registration into their Bank account usually attached to all the offices, so you don’t need to go elsewhere to make the payment. When all these have been successfully fulfilled, your business will be up for registration and certification.
For Business Name – Go back for your Certificate after 8 working days or thereabout.
As for Limited Company, your certificate will be sent to you once it is ready.…
Once again, make sure to visit the official website and check the fees. You don’t want to waste money because of your mistakes right?
Now you know how to register a Business/Company in Ghana with Corporate Affairs Agency.
Registering a Business/Company is not a very complicated process, but it certainly takes a lot of money and time.
We hope that this article will prepare you for registering your company. Who knows, maybe you will start an online business in Ghana!

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