How To Open Tiktok Links In Safari ( Tiktok Not Working On iPhone) Do This

In this guide to social media, I’ll show readers how you can fix the Tiktok link that opens within Safari rather than the App on iPhone. I’m sure that after reading this article” you’ll know how to do this within a few minutes. Certain Apple iPhone users find it extremely difficult to comprehend and utilize the phone’s features.

It’s nothing to fret about anymore. Like I said earlier, you’ll be in a position to access TikTok hyperlinks in the App using your iPhone after reading through this blog article. You will have to decide if you want it is better to launch the links using Safari, and if you follow the steps correctly,” it will begin opening in the TikTok App.

Accessing links through the application instead of browsers using the iPhone is quickly done once you’ve learned how to utilize the phone’s features. According to a famous saying, “No one is an island, and you cannot possibly master all in a single day. How to open links within TikTok App in place of Safari is the issue we’ll tackle once and for all right now.

How To Fix TikTok Link Opens In Safari Instead Of The App On iPhone

If you come across a TikTok URL on Facebook, iMessage, WhatsApp, or Twitter, when you click it” it will take you directly to Safari instead of the TikTok App. It’s not a problem that isn’t fixable. I’ve written down the steps you must follow to rectify the mistake.

One of the easiest ways to open the TikTok link via the App instead of Safari is to simply copy and paste the URL and paste it on your notepad App. If you find the URL found on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, iMessage, or Twitter, take a copy and paste it onto your notepad app.

Once you press the hyperlink, you’ll see an ad asking you which URL you want to be able to redirect the link to. Choose TikTok to start up on your TikTok application.

Delete And Reinstall TikTok App

Sometimes, it is impossible to open the TikTok link directly into the App because of a technical problem. If you experience the same issue over and over again” you should uninstall the application and then download a new version. It will begin with the opening link of the App instead of Safari.

Tap – And Hold The Link

Suppose you click the link in Safar, Long-click, and wait until you see the option to launch the TikTok App. Choose the option to stop the link from opening in Safari.

Click On TikTok App Logo In Safari

Another way of opening the TikTok app App is by opening the URL within Safari and scrolling to locate a blue button next to TikTok, the logo of the App.

When you tap on the logo, it will automatically open the TikTok video on TikTok App. Then, return to the social App that you downloaded the TikTok link from and open the link. By default, you’ll discover that it will open in the TikTok App.

The methods for what do to solve the issue that the TikTok link appears within Safari rather than the App to use on iPhone are working flawlessly. Therefore, all we need from you now is to act and then see the outcome.

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