How To Open A Pharmacy Business (Requirements And Cost)

Pharmacy is a store where drugs are been stocked for sale to the public.Drugs are sold in retail and can also be in wholesale.

Aside from pharmacies that are owned by hospitals, some pharmacies are owned by individuals. They can also be incorporated into private hospitals.

Starting a pharmacy requires putting a lot of things in place. Owning a pharmacy requires that you are a pharmacist or you partner with a pharmacist. If you want to avoid this requirement then you can only involve in selling wholesale drugs, that is, you don’t get down to retailing the drugs. In any case, you still have to register with the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria.


Some pharmacies seem to choose their location close to a hospital so that there will have patronage coming from the hospital. You can also look at an area with a lot of people and with no or little competition coming from other pharmacies or drug stores.The environment should be a clean one and the environment. Pay close attention to getting a serene environment as this will be a factor considered seriously before approval by the council.


If you’re new to this business, you will need someone experienced in the field to show you steps to follow. You will need to register with the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria and at the corporate affairs while registering you need to be a pharmacist yourself or get a superintendent pharmacist to register on your behalf.

The superintendent pharmacist should know the step involved in requesting location inspection. A fee is required for this process. After this, you should go ahead to register with the council.

In doing this you need to get a list form the council to know what is needed to include in the documents.Immediately the location is approved it is time to fix the interior of the pharmacy. A visit to another pharmacy can really help see what is needed in your pharmacy.

After putting all the necessary things in place,you can then start to stock the pharmacy. As time passes you will get to know more about stocks that run out quickly and the ones that don’t.

It might seem like a long process but it is not ifyou get someone that knows the trade to show and help you in putting up a pharmacy.

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