How To Make Your Special Cake

How To Make Your Special Cake

Please every one come with me in to the kitchen, let us make something wonderful i promise you will love it. Now, before i continue with how to make your special cake you have always desired to.

I will  first go through the things (ingredients) that you will be needing for it to be possible. Here are the ingredients and quantity.




Sugar_1/2 to 1 milk cup

Raw eggs_7pieces

Baking powder _1teaspoon

Grated nutmeg_1/2teaspoon

Browning_about 2 to3  drops

Sodium bicarbonate_1teaspoon

Flavor (vanilla or any of your choice)_3drops


Remember you  can add mix fruit or any dried fruit of your choice in order to make it special.

 Now for us to start your hands/palms must be neat (hygiene is very important)

How To Make Your Special Cake

Step1: Cream your butter and sugar very well so that they can mix well with out any difference please you can use your mixer if you have to make things easier.

Step 2: Time to break in your eggs in a different bowl and whisk until it starts foaming then add it to the butter, and sugar mixture.

Step 3:  Add your colour and flavor then stir well to mix properly.

Step 4: Its to mix your dried ingredients in one bowl,(flour, baking powder, baking soda, nutmeg, pass through a sieve if you can, to prevent lumps.

Step 5: Gradually add the flour mixture into the egg, butter and sugar mixture and turn in a direction to avoid holes in the cake when it is done remember to turn with wooden or plastic spoon.

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Step 6: After that you can then add your dried fruits if there is any.

Step 7: Next thing is to grease your baking pan with some butter or oil and then pour in your mixed cake.

Note : the cake must not pass half of the pan.when you have done that,then bake it in a hot oven for at least 35minutes  After 35mins then insert toothpick into it, if it comes out clean with out cakes sticking on it then your cake is ready.

Allow to cool then serve with any chill drink of your choice.



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