How To Make Money Importing Used Clothes & Shoes To Ghana

Importation is a very good Business, you can import so many things like shoes, bags, toys, electronics, gadgets, slippers, etc, into Ghana.
People prefer fairly used products. Importing used clothes & shoes into Ghana is very lucrative business and has been a big business over the years. so we often see people gathered in a new arrival of used clothes and shoes and everyone are busy selecting their choice of clothes and shoes paying instantly before another person will have it. That’s why you don’t need to waste your time, because this business is profitable. This is another very good business opportunity that is fitting for those Ghanaians living outside the country where the things are gotten cheap, sometimes free. You can sell at cheaper price to help your country people and still make good profit.
Our advise to all those with money to import used clothes and shoes to Ghana is to do a proper planning first. Remember, in every business success, there is a business plans and strategies.
This lucrative business of used clothes and shoes popularly known as “tokunbo”, “bend down select” or fairly used wears has grown rapidly with high yield in profit.
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How To Start Importing Used Clothes And Shoes To Ghana
1. Secure a Shop: Get a shop back home if you are outside Ghana where you will be stocking your goods when it arrives. The shop is also used to display your goods.
2. Create Online Market Account: Create an account on online market place like eBay, Alibaba, Amazon’s or sell from home. You can look for suppliers, If you are outside the country you can arrange a trusted business partner or your relatives in Ghana who will be in charge of the goods whenever it arrives home. As soon as it arrives, your trusted business partner or relatives can take over from them and handle the sale, distribution and disbursement.
3. Have a trusted Source of supply to always meet up with demands, and avoid disappointing your clients.
4. Have a good customer relations, talk to colleagues, friends and family members about your business.
5. Always keep a Record of sales, Be accountable, Don’t sell on credits.
Requirements Needed To Start Importing Used Clothes And Shoes To Ghana
1. Capital
2. A store/warehouse
3. A mobile phone/computer
4. A valid e-mail address
5. Valid home address
6. Marketing strategies
7. Clothing racks
8. Hangers
9. Labels
10. Storage boxes
11. Price tags
Reasons Why You Need To Start Importing Used Clothes And Shoes
1. It is cheaper to start
2. It is a lucrative business with lots of income
3. Requires little or no education
4. It gives financial freedom
5. It eradicates unemployment
With Determination, you will succeed on this Business…