How To Make Millions Monthly From Popcorn Business In Cameroon

Popcorn business is one of the lucrative business in Cameroon that will make you a Millionaire within a year.

Many people are shying away from this profitable business, Not knowing that, there are lots of money to be made on popcorn business.

The Good thing about this business is that you can be start in small quantity with little capital and Growing big as time goes on.

Starting a popcorn business is a wise decision to make in Cameroon. Popcorn is mostly the favourite Snacks of many people out their, and usually sold anywhere you go.

Popcorn business is the cheapest business one can venture into here in Cameroon. You don’t even need a shop to get started, You can start from home and gradually grow Big in short time.

When talking about this business, Not those persons you see on the road hawking popcorns, Those popcorns the are hawking has suppliers. You can start producing the popcorns in large quantities and supply them to the retailers.

Finding a Buyer is not even a problem, Because there are lot of shops around you who needs them, You can supply to them, If you venture into this business you will make Profits and Sales.

Do you know that you can even earn more than Government workers on this profitable business ?

Yes, is very possible… Because popcorns are on high demands in the society, in ceremonies, occasions etc, Why not take this business Advantages.


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1. Secure Your Production Name:

You can have to form a name for your popcorn business.

If you buy a popcorn you will see a paper with the producers name written (Contact, Address etc.). So you have to get a graphic artists to make the label for you.

2. Buy Your Equipments:

Next step is to purchase your equipment for your popcorn production. We have equipments like:

a. Popcorn Machines (Popcorn makers):

This is a machine used to make/produce popcorn. examine it before buying.

b. Sealing Machines:

This machine is used to seal the nylons which you have put your popcorn to.

c. Branded Nylon:

This is the nylon used to package your Popcorn, Remember to organize it very well to look unique ahead your competitors.

3. Purchase Your Bag of Corns:
The next important aspect is to buy a nice bag of corns for your production. Not anyhow one But the one that will make a good products. Examine properly!

4. Your Marketing Strategies:

You can start marketing your products to people through flyers, business card. Popcorn marketing strategies is as simple as A-Z, You can go to shops and super markets to advertise your products.

The honest truth is that in your street or road you can see up to 20 shops or more than. Popcorn business is very sweet to start.

When the business start growing and expanding, you can now employ workers, Even to the extent of having your own supply Bus.

Your Requirements For Starting Popcorn Business Include:
1. Capital

2. Popcorn machine

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3. Sealing machine

4. Branded nylon

5. Bags of corn

6. Sugar, butter & salt

7. Ingredients

8. The most important one is Good Training

Why You Need To Start a Popcorn Business

1. It is very cheaper to get started.

2. The marketing strategies are quite simple.

3. It is very easier to operate, Even without a Shop or Office. You can start at the comfort of your home.

4. You can start in small scale and grow big in short time.

5. The materials are very available and affordable.

6. Extra Income.

7. It create self employment for you and employment opportunities to others as the business begins to expand.

8. It does not requires educational degree. (Both literate and illiterates can do the business)

If you meet up with those Requirements, then you are good to start.

Remember to also register your Business to ensure easy and smooth running of your business without disturbance or problem…

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