How To Invest One Million Uganda Shillings In Uganda

Have you been wasting your little money searching for that dream job? have you been wasting your limited financial resources for endless interviews? please, waste no more, there are jobs you can do that can be very profitable to you, we have compiled a list of businesses to invest one million Uganda shillings, and if you set your strategy well, you can achieve huge profit in Short time. They have been ranked according to their risk, profit potential, close monitoring and convenience, they are:
1) Phone Call Center: If you have a very good location, you can make good money making phone calls, all you need is a good
location, the trick here is that you are looking for potential customers that means you will have to search for not only a busy location, but at a location your services are much needed, if you take your business to a market for instance, you will not make as much as you would if you take your business to a major bus-top, they are both busy (fine) but there are more potential customers at the bus-top than at the market, also, the profit is cool as you can make up to 10% on each 1 minute of a call, be wise and you will find yourself smiling to the bank in 2 weeks after investing one million shillings.
2) Buying And Selling Of CDs:
There is a huge prospective profit from this business and you will certainly be smiling home with a huge profit if done
well, If you initiate an aggressive selling approach, you can end up going back to the market to purchase more. The locaion is a major thing and you also have to monitor the business closely, and the risk associated with location.
3) Sachet Water Sales:
This is an untapped resource for business minded people, though local, it has profit potentials. If you are looking for business to invest with one million Uganda shillings then consider this Business. You should also know that the
inconvenience is very high as you will be needing to go to busy places before you can make sales, its risks is also high as you will have to be in a compromised manner mostly.
4) Phone Accessories:
You can invest your one million ugandan shillings on phone accessories like earpiece, chargers, etc, you can be sure to be smiling home with profit.This business means huge profit, you only need to find a good location and get yourself a wooden board, then you are on your way to making profits. the location has to be a busy location, and it has high risk of operating.
5)Fairly Used Cloths:
You can buy fairly used cloths and sell at a busy location. Location is the name of the game here. the risk is a major disadvantage as you are expected to be a ta busy location, also you have to be closely monitoring the business because the business will need your presence.
6) Plantain Chips:
Making plantain chips is a very profitable business, especially in a busy location, all you need is vegetable oil, stove and kerosene! if this business is done very well you can be well assure that you will be going home with a huge profit, this business is very convenient and also there is minor risk, as you can do this business at home and at a location near to you, with one million Shillings you can invest in this business and be making cash weekly!
7) Kerosene Sales:
You can make much profit from the sales of kerosene, all you have to do is go to a filing station that is very close to you, buy your kerosene (like 50 litres). The trick here is that you get a good domesticated location where you can make the utmost use of the location and you will enjoy convenience and at little risk too.
8) Food Vendor:
You can sell fast food at busy locations, food is a necessity so customers guaranteed, all you need is buy noodles, eggs, and have a regular supplier of bread, you should also include tea on your menu, get a nice location and you can be making cool bucks everyday.
9) Tie And Dye:
This business is an untapped, profitable business in Uganda, it requires you to get a white fabric, then you rinse the fabric in water and soap, then you tie an end of the fabric with an elastic band, then tie severally leaving some spaces in between (about an inch), you can tie as many as you like,put dye and salt in boiling water, then soak the fabric, you have yourself a lovely material. You might be able to sell the material and make cool cash for each of the material you sell.
10) PALM OIL!!!
You can make easy money from palm oil business at a very low price too, all you need is to have a good source, get a wooden table, and you can be sure to be quite rich in a short while if you invest one million uganda shillings in palm oil you can be sure of getting profits in two weeks (from our research) all you need is a good location. and of course, a good source and you are on your way to riches, start small grow big, there you have it!!!
We believe this article have answered your question on “How To Invest One Million Uganda Shillings”. If you follow strategic procedures you will discover these businesses listed above are viable and will enable you to be on your path to riches.

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