How To Get A Free .EDU Email Address And The Ultimate Step By Step Guide

Tech products are often discounted for students. Sign up for a student account to receive a discount on a variety of services

How do you get student mail?

It is easy to answer this question by enrolling at a college or university. This isn’t an option for everyone. Education takes time and money. You might also have other plans. Not all universities will grant you an email address

You may also want to create an address. Even if you are enrolled in a university, some universities won’t give you an address. You might also have completed your degree, and the university may have denied you an address.

No matter what your situation may be, you can rest assured that I have you covered.

This article will explain how to obtain an email address. While some methods are free, others cost money. The only difference between the two is the time. While the free method will give you an address immediately, it may take several days to get the address.

You will also see the benefits of using your new address for mail. Continue reading.

How To Get A Free .EDU Email Address

Step-by-step instructions for obtaining an mailing address

Applying to college is the best way to obtain an address. Apply online to get your address. You don’t need to enroll in college. These are the steps that you need to follow to complete the application.

Visit Diablo Valley College’s Website

Here’s the link to Diablo Valley College’s website: Steps for enrolling ( Scroll down a bit, and then click on “Enroll as a new student”.

You will see a new page that contains lots of information about the college. Since you’re not trying to enroll in college, it doesn’t matter much. You’re only interested in the juicy email and all its goodies.

Apply to Diablo Valley College

Scroll down to see all the steps. Scroll down until you see the steps. Next, click on “Step 1: Apply” to submit an online application.

Don’t worry if you aren’t applying to college. You don’t have to reveal sensitive information or pay anything. It is possible to provide false information and still receive your email. I will show you how to generate the required information in the next step.

Click on “Create an Account” to open the page.

Register for an OpenCCC account

The OpenCCC page will be opened. Here you can create an OpenCCC Account. This account will also include your student credentials. Simply select “Begin creating an account” to begin the process.

This page has a lot of text, but it’s okay to ignore it as long as you don’t need it. The mail address that you receive is all you need to care about.

You will see the registration form. It feels a little long but it’s almost over.

This step is easy to explain. You will need to provide some information about yourself. You don’t have to enter your personal information. A fake email address generator can be used to create an imaginary person and fill out the form.

The generated addresses have caused me some problems. Although the first three I tried didn’t work for me, the fourth one finally worked. Don’t be discouraged if you fail your first attempt.

After you have completed these steps, OpenCCC will mail you a CCCID from California Community Colleges. This is your global California Community Colleges ID. This is not something you should care about, it’s just a necessary step to obtain address.

Here’s an example of how an email looks:

How To Get A Free .EDU Email Address

Wait for the Diablo College email

You are almost there. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email with your new address. It’s impossible to predict how long it will take. I have had my email arrive in as little as 10 minutes. Other times, it took several days.

You will receive an email with your Student ID, username, and address. This address can be used however you like.

Don’t worry if you don’t get your mail immediately. If you don’t receive your mail within 3 days, I recommend that you try again with a new address and more information.

This method is the only one I have tested that works. You can find many other guides online that refer to Virginia’s community college system, but this method is no longer effective.

Virginia’s website for community colleges explicitly states this:

Note that New applicants won’t receive a functional account until they make a financial commitment toward a VCCS institution.

Before you can get address, you must enroll and pay your tuition.

You don’t have to go through this process. You can buy an email account.

Many sites allow you to purchase an domain at a very reasonable price. You can do a quick Google search to find them. Don’t buy anything online without doing your research.

Benefits of address address allows students to take advantage of all discounts. Many universities have made arrangements with companies to allow students to enjoy a variety of services at a lower price. This is a great deal as most college students don’t have the means to pay a lot.

Here’s a list of the top offers that you can find today:

How To Get A Free .EDU Email Address

Amazon Prime Student

A regular Amazon Prime subscription is quite expensive. An annual subscription to Amazon Prime costs around $119. If you want to pay monthly, $12.99 per month will be required. Although the service is very valuable, not everyone can afford it.

Amazon Prime Students can sign up for Amazon Prime with an email address and get six months free. You also only have to pay $59 per year. All the benefits of a regular subscription are yours.

Music Streaming

Music streaming

Sign up for Spotify or Apple Music with address to get a great discount

Spotify is included with a Hulu or Showtime subscription for $4.99. This includes a 3-month trial and access to all 3 services.

Apple Music is your choice. The service costs $4.99 per month, instead of $9.99, if you have an address.

How To Get A Free .EDU Email Address

Adobe suite

Are you creative but can’t afford Adobe products? Y can get the complete creative suite of Adobe products at $19.99/month for a full year. It’s a great deal considering that the regular price is $52.99. address is all you need!

This is the best deal on the entire list. This saves you $396 for a full-year subscription to the Adobe suite. This is a great deal, as you can do so many things with the software.

How To Get A Free .EDU Email Address

Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite

Students will find Microsoft’s productivity suite, which includes Word Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, Teams, and Outlook, very helpful.

The Microsoft suite can help you create slides for your next presentation or write essays.

Office 365 is free if you sign up using the address.

G Suite, Google’s equivalent to Office 365, is the same. Google products are free. However, unlike Windows, Google Drive offers 1TB of cloud storage.

How To Get A Free .EDU Email Address

Laptops discounts

Different brands offer different discounts for students who purchase a laptop. You can save a lot on your next HP Laptop if you sign up for the HP Education Store. Apple’s Apple Education Store offers students decent discounts.

These discounts are great as they allow you to get up-to-speed with the latest-generation machines and save at least $100. It’s not bad.



Sign up via mail to get a year of Squarespace at half the price. This is great if you are looking to create a website that showcases your skills and builds your portfolio. You could even start your own online business and learn about marketing and sales.

To receive the discount, you only need to sign up for address.

Conclusion email address can help you get a lot. Software like Office 365 can help you increase productivity. You can also enjoy all the music that you love at a great price and get a new laptop with nice discounts.

What are you waiting to take advantage of these amazing offers? Start reaping the benefits mail today!


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