How To Do Night plan On Airtel | Code To Get 500MB And 1.5Gb

How To Do Night plan On Airtel

This article reviews how to subscribe to the Airtel Night plan, how to sign up, and the advantages. The plans offer bonuses for data of 500MB for N25 or 1.5GB for N50 and lower charges for calls within the validity period. Find the lowest midnight browsing price you can ever imagine. Airtel night plans permit users to browse through the night, from late into the night until in the morning. Find the secret codes below to sign up today.

The primary advantage of the Airtel Night data plan is that you’ll receive more data for a lower cost. If you can remain awake past the time, you need to sleep, and the data is worth it. Another advantage is that you can subscribe as many times as you want during the night, as opposed to MTN’s NTN’s night plans which allow you to only subscribe once a night.

Airtel was aware of this sudden data change, and they introduced another data bundle instead of the old one. In line with the footsteps of MTN night plans, Airtel launched yet another Night plan which gives their customers 500MB for N25 or 1.5GB in N50. Airtel night plan

You can now get 500MB for just N25 and up to 1,5GB for N50. There are other great plans that we’ll go over in this article. I will also provide how to subscribe, their data validity, and the best way to utilize the codes effectively.

What is Airtel Night Plan?

If you don’t have any idea, subscribers who are part of the Smart Trybe price plan known as Smart Trybe can benefit from evening browsing at a cheap cost. It is only one of the cool benefits included in this price. For only N25, you will receive 500 MB of data during the night, between 12 am and 5 am, and N200 can get you 1.5 GB on the same basis.

Its Airtel night-time plan is coded *312# . By dialing this number, you can sign up to Smart Trybe, or, if you already have a subscription to Smart Trybe, you can access the menu that lets you select one of the many advantages.

On the main menu, choose option number 3 (which will be Airtel Night Plans) and select one (for 500MB) and 2. (for 1.5 gigabytes) to avail the gigabytes you need for night-time web surfing.

With the introduction of the Airtel Night Data Plan, Airtel offers one GB of data for N300 with one-day validity. Before you can use any of these Airtel Data plans, however, you have to enroll in SmartTRYBE by dialing the USSD number *3 2#, dialing 12#, and then replying with 1.

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Airtel 750MB + 1GB YouTube Night Streaming for N500

It is worth considering subscribing to Airtel’s 750MB and 1GB of YouTube Night Streaming for FREE for up to 14 consecutive days by paying a 500 N500 recharge.

To sign up: load an N500 recharge card to your phone. Then call *141*500# Airtel for night-time browsing.

Airtel 1GB + 1GB YouTube Night Streaming

Airtel also offers 1GB plus 1GB of YouTube Night Streaming at N500 for seven days. In any way, you can get a night plan from airtel at a lower cost.

To sign up: Insert an N500 recharge card onto your phone, then make the call *141*502#

How to Sign-up for Airtel Night plan: 500MB at N25 for the night, 1.5GB for N50, and 1GB for N500.

As I stated earlier, you must switch from Airtel SmartTRYBE.

  • just dial *312# and answer by 1 to be migrated from Airtel SmartTRYBE;
  • After the transfer after the migration, dial *312#.
  • Reply 1 for 250MB for N25
  • Response 2 to 1GB to $500 (Night Plan 12 am – 5 am)

To get 500MB Airtel night plan data, which costs N25, and 1.5GB Airtel night browsing plan data, which is N50, you must reply with 3. The length of the night plan is from 12 am until 5 am.

Airtel currently offers 1.5GB of data for just N200 on the night plan. With 200MB Airtel data for a price of N200, plus a 30Min call, answer to 4. This is an all-weekend plan starting on Saturday through Sunday.

One of the benefits to Airtel Night data plan has is the Airtel Night Data plan offers is that you can sign up the number of times you want in one night, as opposed to MTN, which limits you to just one subscription per night.

Airtel evening plan is more beneficial than the MTN Night Plan of 500MB for only N25, and as with the MTN night plan, each SIM card can enjoy one-time activation every night.

However, this Airtel night bundle plan can be renewed if it is exhausted, so you can sign up again after having exhausted the initial .5GB. It is also possible to use 3GB for just N100 one night.

Airtel unlimited night plan 2022

You can avail an unlimited night-time airtel plan by using this coupon. This is because the existing airtel night plans can be renewed several times in one night.

If, for instance, you’ve exhausted your night-time subscription to airtel 1.5GB at N50, you can renew your subscription to receive another 1.5GB at the most feasible. It’s equivalent to 3GB in N100 or 6GB for N200, and then on throughout the night. So, we can confidently say the Airtel unlimited-night plan.

Unlimited night data from Airtel was among the top features we’ve had through Airtel Nigeria over the years. Still, the downside is that it’s been cut off or replaced with a different night data plan, which is still quite affordable and trendy compared to night plans of other networks, like 500MB for 25 Nigeria from MTN.

The old Airtel hourly-based Night plan was one of the top plans to download data that was favored by many people, particularly for unlimited downloads.

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Many people have opted out of the Airtel pricey night data bundle and switched to MTN’s inexpensive Night plan in the year MTN launched the night plan that offers 500MB for N25.

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Night Plan Validity Period

  • You can only utilize the data bundle from 12 am until 5 am. You must therefore go through the night to use it.
  • You can resubscribe multiple times during the same day if you’ve used up all the data bundles.
  • The data plan expires after a single day.

In my view, Airtel 1.5GB to N50is more efficient than MTN’s 500MB for N25 due to the possibility of resubscribing when it’s run out. This is why you can get up to 3GB of data at the cost of N100 when you pay two times. Many people can compare this with the prior Airtel Night Unlimited browsing.

Airtel’s night plan is only during the night and is unavailable during the daytime. The plan operates between midnight (Midnight) and 5 am (Morning), which is approximately 5 hours.

Note: Unlike normal Airtel data plans, it is the Aitel Night Data plan. It cannot be extended when you cannot finish the data bundle by 5.00 am.

How To Do Night plan On Airtel

How to Check Airtel Data Balance on Android

We’d like to discuss ways to determine the balance of data for every Airtel Data plan. Airtel Nigeria is one of the top telecommunications companies that Nigeria can offer, with a large number of users and extensive connectivity to the network.

Based on the prior statistics released by the NCC, Airtel currently has the third-highest amount of internet users on mobile in Nigeria in Nigeria, just behind MTN as well as Glo.

There is a steady rise in the number of internet users Airtel Nigeria harbors every month. This can be attributed to their low-cost 2G data plans at low rates accessible for different gadgets.

If you’re looking to purchase the latest Airtel SIM or change to Airtel due to the 2G plan or other of Airtel’s standard data packages, you must know how to verify your data balance.

Checking Your Airtel Data Balance

There are numerous ways to determine your Airtel data balance, which we’ll be presenting in this post. It is possible to choose the most convenient and simple one you can memorize in a short amount of time.

Direct USSD Code for All Airtel Data Plans

This USSD Code works on all Airtel plans for data, including on Android, except for BlackBerry subscription plans.

You must dial *141*11*0# *141*712*0, *123*10# or#. Then you’ll be able to see your balance on data in a single call.

Direct SMS Code for All Airtel Data Plans

The SMS Code functions on all Airtel plans, including data plans, but not BlackBerry subscriptions. It is also compatible with Android.

To check your balance of data To check your balance, simply send “Status” on 141. Make sure you delete the quotes before sending them.

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Direct USSD Code for BlackBerry Plans

If you have a BlackBerry phone or any of Airtel’s BlackBerry packages that work across all devices, you cannot verify your data balance with any of the methods above. There’s a unique USSD Code for users of BlackBerry.

Simple dialing of *123*9# will instantly result in your BlackBerry balance in data appearing in front of your face.

Direct SMS Code for BlackBerry Plans

If you’re using a BlackBerry phone or one of Airtel’s BlackBerry plans that work on any device and want to see your balance by SMS, You will need to enter a specific SMS data balance code specially made specifically for BlackBerry plans.

All you have to do is send “Status” to the number 440 (remove the quotes before you send them) then the balance of your BlackBerry account balance is sent via SMS immediately to you.

Airtel’s SmartSpeedo USSD Code

This procedure is complicated but easy to learn and navigate. To dial *141# to access the SmartSpeedo USSD menu. To activate the “check balance of data” alternative, you need to press *and then press SEND.

Once the “Check the balance of data” appears on the page, Press 7 and click SEND. You will be able to choose “Check the balance of data.”

A notification will show on your screen that informs you that your balance in data will be sent to you via SMS. You will be notified of your data balance in only a few seconds.

This technique balances normal data balances, BlackBerry data balance, and bonus balance data.

Airtel’s SelfCare USSD Code

Airtel’s SelfCare USSD Menu interface is complicated but is an easy-to-grasp method. It’s where customers can verify their number, check their current tariff plan, move to different plans, check their balance of data, and many more.

To access the Airtel SelfCare USSD menu, you need to dial *121#, and when you arrive on the USSD menu page, click 1 to show “My profile” and then press SEND.

Following the display of different choices on the following screen, click six and transmit to select “My Data Balance.” After this, a notification will appear on the screen, telling you that your account balance is going to your SMS. This takes only a matter of seconds, and you’ll be able to see your balance in front of your eyes.

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FAQs regarding this plan. Airtel Night Data Plan

1.) Can I use the night bundle and not switch to the smart trybe?

Answer: You can only enjoy this plan if you are using an Airtel intelligent trybe. Check the information provided in this article about how to transfer to the smart trybe first.

2.) What is the Night Plan Code?

Answer: To sign up for airtel night services, call *312#. When you dial the number, follow the prompts to sign in and dial 3 to enable night browsing.

3.) How do I get 1.5GB on Airtel Night Browsing?

Answer: As of writing this article, Airtel has ended this deal, and you will have no more than 1.5GB of data for the price of N200. At present, you only receive 250MB for the price of N25. It is also possible to subscribe several times per night for unlimited night browsing on Airtel Nigeria.

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