How To Check MTN Number

How To Check MTN Number

Having a cellphone is one thing, but having your phone number in hand is additional.

Are you in a position where you have to provide someone with your MTN phone number, and you aren’t able to supply the number? You’re trying to fill out an application and need to give your mobile number, but you’ve forgotten.

This post gives you the codes to easily verify your MTN phone number.

There are various ways for this that we will discuss later. However, this is the most efficient method to achieve it.

To find your MTN phone number, dial *663#. Your number will be displayed on the display of your mobile phone.

Carrying your SIM bag with you is unnecessary or even contacting the customer service agent to get your number is unnecessary.

Methods To Know MTN Phone Number

In addition to the shortcode above, There are other ways to find what your number is on MTN:

  1. You’ll see various choices if you’re using the phone or a modem using the dialer for your phone by dialing *123#.
  2. Choose “Account Details” Press 1 to then send.
  3. Then, you will see several choices; choose one that will display “My phone number” and click send.
  4. The MTN Number will be displayed to the display on your phone and also by SMS to the number 131.

If the procedure above isn’t easy for you, you can use these simple USSD codes *123*1*1# to determine your mtn number. One issue I have encountered with this technique is occasionally getting the error code.

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If you’re operating an Android phone, navigate to settings and dual sim settings, and you will be able to see your phone number quickly.

If you’re unclear about the process, You can contact MTN customer care at the number 180. You will be able to wait until an attendant answers your questions or explain how to find the number you are calling more clearly.

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