How To Bake Locally Without Oven

How To Bake Locally Without Oven

Hi, welcome to the home of learning how to be financially free. Here in this article we will be putting you through on how to bake locally without oven. So relax and read carefully, because only when you take your time to read will you understand it better.

How to bake locally without oven

Most times many people find it difficult to eat what they want because of how to make them, today we will learn how to bake any thing like: (cakes, meat pie, bread 🍞, dough nut and other things), Yes you can actually bake your dough nut if you don’t want much oil, but we’ll be taking about that another time.

What Is Needed To Bake locally Without Oven

  • Now here are the list of things you need
  • A medium size of pot
  • Sand(sandy soil for building bricks)
  • Stand 3pieces for balance(it can be that smallest tin tomato) just to keep the button of your baking pan from touching the sand directly.   If you can not get that then use paper.
  • Kerosene stove or gas cooker
  • Clean paper
  • Three medium size stone

How To Bake Locally Without Oven

Preparation Of Baking Locally Without Oven

  • Use your sand to cover the button of your pot completely.then place a stand on the sand or the paper
  •   Then place what ever you want to bake on it, cover  the top of your pot with paper to prevent air from entering the pot or leaving it.  Now you can cover the pot with it’s main cover and place on heat
  • Do not open the pot until what you are baking is ready.       Enjoy.
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Note: make the pot as tight as possible to prevent air penetration in or out of the pot. Good luck.


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