Home Made Agent: Meaning, Uses And Types Of Home Made Agent

What Is Home Made Agent?
Home made agent are different materials that can be obtain or put together and use as home made agent.
Types Of Home Made Agents
1. Home Made Polish
2. Home Made Scouring Powder (example: egg shell Powder etc)
3. Abrasive Such as fine sand paper leaf.
Materials That We Can Use To Produce Home Made Agent
1. Fine sand paper
2. Edo powder
3. Tiny grind charcoal
4. Pawpaw leaf
5. Local sand paper leaf
6. Soap
Materials And Uses
1. Fine sand: This can be use as abrasive for cleaning pot to avoid scratching.
2. Edo powder: This is a yellow substance common in Nigerian market. It has a fine smooth texture. It can be use for cleaning ornament such as gold and silver.
3. Pawpaw leaf: Fresh pawpaw leaves can be use to clean dirty aluminum pan and pot.
4. Grind charcoal: These can be use for cleaning metal surfaces.
5. Local sand paper leaf: This leaf is used for sandy surface.

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