Guidelines For Healthy Feeding Habits And Table Manners

Healthy Feeding Habits (Economics)
Table Of Contents

  • Meaning Of Food
  • Functions Of Food
  • Meaning Of Feeding Habits
  • Importance Of Healthy Feeding Habits
  • Guidelines For Healthy Feeding Habits And Table Manners

The human body is like a machine. It therefore needs fuel to do its work. It also needs good maintenance and regular repair. These needs are met by the food we eat. It is therefore important that you know the different types of food nutrients, their functions and sources, so that you can combine them well to have a balanced diet. You should also form healthy eating habits in order to remain healthy. Healthy feeding habit is part of good grooming.
Meaning Of Food
Food is any liquid or solid material which when eaten and digested can provide the body with nourishment.
Functions Of Food
Food performs the following functions:
1. It provides the body with heat and energy.
2. It helps in the growth and repair of body tissues.
3. It protects the body from diseases.
4. Roughage in food helps bowel movement and prevents constipation.
5. Food is necessary for good health and vitality.
Meaning Of Feeding Habits
Feeding or eating habits are the everyday patterns of eating. It involves the tendency to reach out for the same foods whenever you are hungry. Some feeding habits are developed when you are very young. Other habits develop from factors in your current life style. It is very important to understand your eating habits as a first step in managing them.
Healthy feeding habit: results from choosing nutritious food in a conscious way.
Unhealthy feeding habit: results from making poor food choices over a period of time. Food affects your health over a long period of time. Wise choice of food is therefore very important.
Importance Of Healthy Feeding Habits
1. Healthy or proper nutrition and habits can help you look and feel better.
2. Healthy or proper nutrition and habits can help you have more energy.
3. Prevent you from getting some diseases later in life, e.g diabetes, obesity, heart disease.
4. Healthy nutrition helps you have better equipped to heal fast and properly, than a poorly nourished one.
Guidelines For Healthy Feeding Habits And Table Manners
1. Eat a variety of foods. Eat food from all the food groups.
2. Balance the food you eat with physical activity.
3. Always eat three balanced meals every day.
4. Choose nutritious foods in a conscious way.
5. Choose diet with plenty of grain products, vegetables and fruits.
6. Choose a diet that is low in saturated fat, and cholesterol.
7. Choose a diet that is moderate in sugar.
8. Choose a diet that is moderate in salt and sodium.
9. Sit upright at the dining table but do not allow your body to touch the table.
10. Always wash your hands before and after meals.
11. Do not hurry over meal or eat too quickly. Eat slowly. Chewing and sipping of water or beverage should be done gently.
12. When eating, take just enough food that can easily go into your mouth.
13. Chew your food properly.
14. Do not talk with food in your mouth.
15. Close the mouth when chewing the food.
16. Never use knife to put food into your mouth.
17. Use the cutlery properly.
18. Avoid picking your teeth with your finger nails. Use tooth pick decently.
19. Do not put too much food into the mouth at a time.
20. Do not stretch your hand over someone’s food in order to reach for salt, water, etc.
21. Do not take food directly from the serving dish into your mouthm except with traditional service.
22. Do not be greedy. Consider others when helping yourself with the food.
23. Always be polite when eating or serving others.

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