Guidelines For Choosing And Wearing Decent Personal Clothes

These are also guidelines for choosing decent personal clothes:

1. Occassion: Choosing the right clothes for the right occasion e.g. School, church, party, picnic, work, sleep, etc.

2. Weather: Warm clothes such as sweaters should be worn in cold weather and cool clothes, e.g. Cotton fabrics in hot weather. Do not wear wet clothes at any time.

3. Activity Or Work: Clothes for work should suit the type of work being done. For instance, clothes worn in the kitchen might be different from those worn for farm work.

4. Washability Of Fabric: Choose clothes that are easily washable.

5. Fit Of Clothes: Choose clothes that fit properly, both for the sake of appearance and health. Avoid tight clothing. Very tight clothes disturb the circulation of the blood. It can also hinder expansion of the lungs and so cause ill-health.

6. Money Available: Choose and buy the best clothes which your money can buy.

7. Personal Figure: You must consider your figure before choosing clothes to wear. For instance, a very slim and tall girl should choose designs and fabrics that make her look fat. But a short girl chooses those that make her look tall.

8. Personal Complexion: Choose colours that fit your complexion.

9. Quality Of Fabric: Choose durable good quality fabrics that are easy to care for. Do not choose clothes that irritate the skin.

10. Peer Pressures: The pressures of peer group can act as an unwritten dress code. Dress code is a set of rules describing required clothing for a group. Wearing a style that is popular with your peers can help meet a need for belonging. You must however, remember decency, your family and personal values. Do not choose and wear indecent clothing in order to conform or please your peers.

11. Clothing And Relationships: You should not upset people around you such as your parents, elders in the family, teachers, by wearing certain clothes that are in vogue. Do not be driven by fashion.

Your Personal Clothing And You

Each time you put on an article of clothing, (dresses/clothes, accessories, hair-do, make-up, etc.), you do more than simply get dressed. You are telling something about:

1. Who you are.
2. The group you belong to.
3. How you feel about yourself/your personality.
4. Your personal values and family background.
5. Your cultural heritage.
6. Where you come from.
7. How you feel about the world.
8. Your moral standard.

Your Clothing And Your Beholders

Your clothing also makes some impressions on people around you. It can even cause them to react to you in certain ways. For instance:

1. Offensive clothing, such as those that expose such parts of the body as breasts, could give poor impression of the wearer.

2. Wearing certain styles or colours of clothes that are associated with a cult group, could lead to wrong impression or identity of a wearer.