Guideline/Principles For Taking Body Measurements

In order to measure the body parts correctly, the following precautions should be observed.
1. Measurement should be taken over usual and fitted garment.
2. The measuring tape should not be pulled while measurement is taken.
3. Use metric s, it is more accurate and easier to use.
4. A firm tape should be used.
5. Each measurement should be recorded as soon as it is taken.
6. Measure and record correctly
7. The person being measured should stand correctly (erect)
8. Use non-stretchable tape (sturdy tape)
9. Round the Measurements to the nearest whole numbers, especially when the centimeters are used.
10. Measurements should be taken at the appropriate position (Land marks).
This can be done by tying a piece of rope around the Land marks e.g. waist and hip areas.
11. A proper order/sequence should be followed in taking the Measurement to make it more systematic.
12. Maintain conservation with the person being measured for proper relaxation.
13. Do not measure yourself; instead another person is needed to take your Measurement.
Parts Of The Body To Be Measured
1. Bust
2. Waist
3. Hip
4. Chest
5. Back
6. Front Width
7. Nape of neck to waist
8. Skirt length
9. Round arm (arm circumference)
10. Sleeve lenth
11. Trouser length
12. Tigh
13. Crotch
14. Shoulder
15. Hip depth
There are other parts of the body that can be measured but only the once mentioned above is properly the major ones.

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